We’ll Help You Fight Against Chimney Leaks

If you’ve noticed excess water in and throughout your fireplace, a rusted damper or flashing, or crumbling brickwork, then you are experiencing a leaky chimney. Leaks in your chimney need to be addressed immediately, as it can lead to bigger issues like clogs, mold accumulation, deterioration, and more. It’s vital to get your leaks repaired by a team of certified experts though, and our crew is here to help!

However, once your chimney is repaired and back in shape, it’s important to invest in preventative maintenance to ensure it won’t suffer leaks down the line. We have the tools and expertise to ensure you chimney is leak free from the beginning, let our team help!


a lovely chimney capOne chimney service we strongly urge our customers to invest in is waterproofing. Unfortunately, your masonry is extremely absorbent. If your brickwork starts to crumble, your entire chimney structure is compromised, so it’s vital to keep your masonry protected. Waterproofing stops water from getting in, while also allowing your chimney to vent out fumes and moisture. Let our professionals help waterproof your chimney today!

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are another necessity  to keep your chimney and fireplace in good shape. These devices keep water out of your flue, along with excess debris and animals. They work to ensure your system avoid all kinds of damage during your burning season. They are also known for stopping sparks from landing on your roof and blocking downdrafts. Overall, they are an affordable and worthwhile investment that make a huge impact on the health of your system.

Crown Repair

Your chimney crown works to send water out and away from your masonry. It sits on the top of your chimney, and its slanting structure and overhang ensure your brickwork gets as little water exposure as possible. Unfortunately, not all crowns are constructed properly and many show wear and tear earlier than the homeowner anticipated. We can restore or rebuild your crown, then seal it with a waterproofing agent to give it long lasting protection year after year!

Flashing Installation

One area of your home that is especially vulnerable to water damage is the place where the roof and the chimney meet – the flashing. Why is this spot so prone to leaks? Since your roof and chimney are made of different materials, they expand and contract at different rates, leaving openings where water can enter. Flashing consists of pieces of metal that seals this area, and it works to stop excess moisture in its tracks. We install and repair them!

Leaky chimney repair is not something you should put off. Call our team right away if you suffer from any of the above chimney damages. We’ve got the tools and training to help restore your chimney and fireplace!