How Water Impacts Your Chimney

Spring is here! We are all excited about sunny days and warm weather, but we may have to prepare for some rainy days before we get there. Springtime brings about lots of moisture, so don’t forget to prepare your chimney for storms and wet weather. Getting things patched up and protected ahead of time will save you a lot of stress down then line! Call on our experts today.

Damaging Effects of Water

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that bricks are actually quite absorbent. Chimneys are known for being strong, hard, and sturdy, so it’s hard to imagine that a little bad weather will wear it down. Unfortunately, too much exposure to moisture can cause lots of issues! Check out just some of these by reading below.

  • Freeze/Thaw Effect: We are no stranger to cold winters. When your brickwork soaks in water throughout spring, this liquid ends up freezing and expanding when temperatures drop later in the year. When it expands, so does your brick! It thaws back out in the warm months, causing your chimney to settle. All of that wear and tear puts a lot of excess pressure on your system, as a whole!
  • Rust: There are a lot of metal components to your chimney. When these parts are exposed to water time and time again, they begin to rust and break down. This only allows more water to seep in, making your problems even worse! Prevent rust by investing in leak repair and waterproofing services right away.
  • Mortar Deterioration: When your mortar starts to crack and flake, this is a clear cut sign that you need some professional help – and fast! At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we offer tuckpointing services, so that your mortar will look like new again in no time. We make this complicated process look easy with our precision and dedication to customer satisfaction. Give us a call to learn more!
  • Stains: Water problems can cause issues with your chimney’s appearance, as well! Water stains will pop up throughout your brickwork and can even work their way to your interior walls and ceiling – not good! Keep your home, fireplace, and brickwork looking clean and strong by stopping moisture issues in their tracks. It’s a step you won’t regret!

These issues, plus rot, decay, clogs, mold accumulation, and more are all problems you will have to face if you don’t take care of water problems right away. Don’t hesitate any longer – contact our staff now!


Once any necessary repairs are completed, ask us about our waterproofing services! Waterproofing is a great step to take and it will make a huge difference in preventing further issues from occurring down the line. Our products provide tough protection, while allowing your chimney the opportunity to properly breathe and vent out vapors. Learn more by visiting our website!

For more information, give us a call – we can’t wait to hear from you!