Take care of Stove Repair this Summer!

Summer is a great time to schedule stove repairs before Fall

Summer is a great time to schedule stove repairs before Fall

Stoves can be used for a variety of purposes such as a primary heating appliance, for additional zone heating, or as a rustic alternative to a fireplace it is an important part of your home during the cold months of winter. During the spring and summer, however, most homeowners do not use their wood stoves, cleaning them out at the end of the season and waiting for the temperatures to drop before using them again.

Whether your stove needs regular maintenance or has damage that needs to be fixed, summer if the perfect time to take care of stove repair. Having your stove repaired in the summer will leave it ready to use again in the fall.

Importance of stove repairs

Although stoves are sturdily built and designed to withstand years of use, they need regular maintenance in order to work their best. While some stove maintenance, such as interior and exterior cleaning, can be done by homeowners, all stoves should be inspected and cleaned at least once per year.

Just like a regular fireplace, a stove needs to have its chimney swept each year. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America chimneys should be swept at least once per year or any time there is a buildup of 1/8th of an inch of soot in the flue. This amount of buildup typically occurs after a full cord of wood is burned; depending on how much wood you use each season, your chimney may need to be swept more than once per year.

Why have stove maintenance done during the summer

Stoves experience their heaviest use periods during the fall and winter. Because of this, many homeowners do not want to do repairs during this time, as this can impact their ability to use their stove. This is especially true of homeowners who use a stove as their primary heating appliance. However, it is easy to disregard or forget stove issues while they are not being used in the spring and summer.

This year, have your stove maintenance or repairs done during the summer. Because the fall is the busiest time of year for chimney and stove repairs, it is often more difficult to schedule an appointment at a convenient time during this part of the year. Likewise, waiting periods for appointments can be as long as several weeks; this may leave use without a working stove as you wait for repairs to be made.

By having your stove repaired in the summer, you can avoid the long waiting lists that come in the fall. Likewise, having your stove repaired now ensures that it will be in excellent working condition by the time the temperatures drop in the fall, allowing you the peace of the mind to safely enjoy your stove all season long.

Whether you use your stove as a primary heating source or just as a rustic way to add heat to a room, maintenance and repairs will keep your stove running and working its best. This year, have your stove repaired during the summer so it is ready to use when temperatures drop again in the fall. Contact Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today to schedule your summer stove repair!

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