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What Does Spring Mean To You?

We all know “Spring” in Colorado is more of a concept than a season. Winter holds onto our foothills communities long after we get pictures of flowers and baby animals from our friends and family elsewhere. Spring here is more like “less-winter”, and we get through it by cozying up next to the fireplace.

Spring cleaning for your fireplace!

We can fix your broken fireplace (you know you’re
still going to need it for a few more weeks).

To you, Spring may mean the perfect season for catching up on overdue maintenance, deep cleaning, and organizing in your home. To us, that’s what it means too! We can help you cross your fireplace and chimney off your Spring to-do list—and you can help us make some room in our store!

We can fix your broken fireplace (you know you’re still going to need it for several weeks yet), we can perform the necessary annual service on your hearth appliance, or we can replace your outdated fireplace, stove, or insert.

Save on a new stove & help us with our spring cleaning!

Mountain Hearth & Patio (our fireplace retail store) is doing some Spring cleaning too! For our Spring Cleaning, we have several overstocked models we are eager to get into your home. Not only can you have the fireplace, stove, or insert of your dreams, it will also be safe, beautiful, warm, and saving your money on your energy bills.

If you’ve ever thought about that room in your home that is consistently chillier than you’d like- we have a solution for you! A new Hearthstone Stowe gas stove can warm that space with its thermostat settings, keeping your room consistently comfortable. This stove heats up to 800 square feet (74.32 m²)! We have this model on overstock in beautiful matte black finish which will compliment any style.

Is your outdated wood stove leaving you out in the cold? We can help you fix that! We have EPA-compliant, high-efficiency wood burning stoves, inserts, and fireplaces! These units are designed to heat your home and look good too. Replacing your inefficient wood burning hearth appliance with one that heats better, uses less wood, and is better for air quality is easier than you think.

A new wood stove comes with a tax benefit!

Does Springtime make you think of tax season? Taxes are nearly always dreaded, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We have good news that will make Springtime a little brighter. There is a new tax credit available for those who purchase a 75% efficient or higher solid fuel hearth product. We have many wood and pellet-fueled appliances that qualify! Some qualifying appliances are overstocked in our showroom right now! With a new biomass fireplace, stove, or insert purchased before 12/31/2020, you can get up to a $300 tax credit. Learn more about the biomass stove tax credit.

Our NFI-Certified installers put this Heartstone Shelburne into a home in Evergreen, CO.
Our NFI-Certified installers put this Heartstone Shelburne into a home in Evergreen, CO.

Get in touch with Mountain Man for all your fireplace & chimney needs

If you’re happy with how your fireplace is holding up, make sure you take care of it after it has kept you comfortable all winter. Spring is the best time for annual maintenance! Not only do you avoid the long wait times of Autumn, but there is a scientific advantage to getting your chimney cleaned in the Spring. The soot and creosote that accumulates during the burning season is highly acidic. Combined with the humidity of Spring and summer, this is corrosive and causes degradation to your chimney system. Getting your chimney cleaned right after the burning season ends is the best way to prevent this damage.

Do you think that because you don’t burn wood you don’t need an annual cleaning? You are mistaken! Your gas fireplace, insert, or stove also needs an annual Spring Cleaning and inspection. This helps to maximize your appliance’s performance and keeps your home safe too.

Our NFI-Certified installers put this Heartstone Shelburne into a home in Evergreen, CO.
Our NFI-Certified installers put this Heartstone Shelburne into a home in Evergreen, CO.

You may wonder, how do you service something that burns gas? The process is different but just as important. With a gas unit, our certified technicians clean the glass, logs, inside the firebox, and refresh the burner media. We also perform an inspection on the appliance to check that all the components, like the pilot and thermocouple, are working well, and we check for gas leaks to keep your family safe.

Our technicians are certified for specialties in wood, gas or pellet fuel. For basic repairs, we may even be able to solve your problems that very same day. You can be confident in our technicians, who are always in uniform, with ID badges and lettered trucks. Every day, our certified technicians are keeping families safe and warm with these fireplace services.

Come by our showroom to find out more!

This Spring, we’ll help you check your fireplace and chimney
off your Spring-Cleaning list!

This Spring, we’ll help you check your fireplace and chimney off your Spring-Cleaning list! Get your chimney cleaned, your hearth appliance evaluated, a leaky chimney inspection, and discuss a new appliance with just one phone call to Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney at (303) 679-1601. We have been servicing and installing fireplaces in the Foothills and Denver Metro for over 20 years.

You’re invited to see for yourself! Visit our showroom at 7001 Highway 73 in Marshdale. Give us a call at (303) 679-1601 or email Office@MtnHP.com.

Post originally published on MtnHP.com, our retail site.

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Should I Switch My Fireplace’s Pilot Mode?

Let’s talk about your gas fireplace. There are two types of ignition systems, standing pilot or millivolt and electronic ignition. In the millivolt systems, the pilot can be on 24/7; if that’s what you have, you’re all set! However, most new gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts have electronic ignition systems with multiple pilot modes.

These systems have two modes for your pilot light: Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) and Continuous Pilot Ignition (CPI). For those of you who have an electronic ignition system, it’s time to put your fireplace in continuous pilot mode. Not only does CPI make your appliance easier to start in the cold, there are other benefits:

Benefits of Continuous Pilot Mode

A fire burns in a FireplaceX 6015 gas fireplace with glass burner media and driftwood logs. Installed in Hiwan in Evergreen, CO.

Continuous Pilot Maintains Draft in Your Chimney

Keeping your pilot mode set to continuous during the colder months helps maintain a draft in your direct-vent gas system. Direct vent gas units are sealed systems and do not mix air with your living environment. This means that when it’s cold outside, the firebox of your fireplace is colder than the interior of your home. A hot flue is a happy flue. It is easier for a fireplace to ignite and better for the components when the pilot warms the firebox and creates draft.

Choosing the Right Pilot Mode Reduces Moisture in Your Fireplace

Additionally, when it is cold outside and your pilot is off, moisture collects in your fireplace and venting. This is evident on a cold start when you can see condensation on the glass front. Water vapor is a normal byproduct of combustion. When your fireplace doesn’t exhaust the water vapor using a continuous pilot, droplets collect in your fireplace and venting. The internal electrical components in the fireplace can become rusted and damaged due to this condensation.

Continuous Pilot Keeps Your Chimney Cap Clear of Snow

If it is snowing and your pilot light is on, the warmth from the pilot will melt the snow off your termination so it is not covered in snow.

CPI Increases Fireplace Reliability

Finally, in CPI, your fireplace can start during a power outage. Electronic ignition systems require electricity to light the pilot. If the pilot is already lit during a power outage, your fireplace burner can start right up and heat your home! Although newer units often have a battery backup that can light the pilot during a power outage, keeping your fireplace in CPI mode is the most reliable way to keep your unit up and running in a pinch.

A fire burns brightly in a Kozy Heat Chaska Gas insert that we installed in Evergreen, CO.

Keeping your pilot on during the winter is the best way to ensure your fireplace will start right when you want it to and to reduce wear and tear on the unit. If you need assistance changing your fireplace from IPI to CPI, check your owners manual, watch this helpful video, or give us a call at (303) 679-1601. If you’re looking for a new fireplace, stove, or insert, visit our retail showroom, Mountain Hearth & Patio, at 7001 Highway 73 or visit the Mountain Hearth & Patio website at MtnHP.com.

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Ready To Replace Your Fireplace?

There are many reasons to update your fireplace. You may want to change your fuel type, update the design of your fireplace, or just want your  system to be as safe and as efficient as possible. We are the experts to trust when you’re ready to updated your fireplace. Trust our CSIA certified team at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to help you!

Reasons To Update

Updating your fireplace can bring lots of benefits. Revamping the look of an outdated exterior increase the value of your home while simultaneously create a more enjoyable look aesthetically. Another reason to update is to increase the efficiency of your appliance. If your fireplace is not putting out enough heat for your home or if drafting issues are causing your heating and cooling bills to spike, then an upgrade is necessary. One suggestion is to invest in an insert. Inserts are known for saving homeowners tons of money every year, and they come in a wide range of beautiful and modern designs.

Sometimes, homeowners just want to switch things up or ready for something new. One route is to change your fuel type. The genuine smells and sounds of a wood-burning fireplace offer a wonderful and classic atmosphere, but this particular fuel type also demands a lot of work. However, gas-fueled options turn on with the push of the button or flip of a switch. They are not as messy as wood-burning fireplaces, as they don’t produce any ash, wood pieces, or smoke back-up!

Finally, a new fireplace greatly improve the safety of your home. Older models are prone to break down, and their designs could cause risks. Upgrading to a fully enclosed option or a newer model could lessen the risk for gas leaks, chimney fires, creosote buildup, and other issues. When it comes to the safety of your friends and family members, there is no time to waste. Upgrade your fireplace today!

There’s No Time To Lose!

If you’re ready for a new fireplace, now is the time to call our experts! Fall is still months away, and our sweeps are able to give you the time and dedication necessary to get the job done before temperatures cools and our schedule is full. Contact us today for the best chimney care. We’ll listen to your needs and concerns to ensure you are more than satisfied. Call us at 303-679-1601 now!

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Unhappy With Your Fireplace? We Can Help!

Is your fireplace looking a little run down or old-fashioned? It’s time for an upgrade! Unsightly damages and out-of-date structure contribute both to the looks and functions of your fireplace, but you don’t have to deal with these frustrating issues with proper fireplace care and maintenance. After all, fireplaces are meant for peace, relaxation, and creating lasting memories. Now it’s the perfect time to give us a call!

Pick Your New Gas Or Wood-Burning Fireplace Today

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we sell and install gas and wood-burning fireplaces, and they are definitely going to fit your modern decor. Having trouble deciding between the two? Let us help!

Wood-burning fireplaces are a classic and traditional choice. Wood is not only a cheap fuel source, but many also believe you just simply can’t beat the sounds and smells associated with it. The only downside is that these types of fireplaces require lots of work and upkeep. Although, some people do enjoy finding, hauling, storing their own wood. It’s all about what you prefer!

Gas fireplaces are known for their convenience. They offer a great ambiance and provide many styles, without the stress and hassle of maintaining a wood pile. You also don’t have to learn how to start a fire, as these units turn on with a switch! Worried about messy ash piles? Not with a gas appliance! They’re mess-free and great for people with a busy schedule. Talk to us about investing in yours today!

Considering An Insert?

Many times when homeowners upgrade their fireplace, they choose to invest in an insert. If this is the right option for you, our experts can help with that, too! Inserts are known for their efficiency and high heat output. Typically, they save homeowners a lot in energy bills throughout the year!

Like our traditional fireplaces, the inserts we offer come in both wood and gas-fueled options, but we also offer a third option – pellet-fueled. All three have their pros and cons, and it’s really about deciding what will work best with your lifestyle and family. Our team is ready to help! We’ll work together to find exactly what you’re looking for so you can live happier and safer when fall arrives. We’re ready to serve you!

Spring Is The Time To Call

With spring upon us, now it’s the perfect time to invest in chimney and fireplace repairs. Our schedule is likely more open, and when fall arrives again, you won’t be waiting around for maintenance. We want you to enjoy your fireplace on that first cold day! Call our professionals now to come take a look.

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The Difference Between Gas Logs and Gas Inserts

When making the switch from wood to gas, many homeowners are overwhelmed by the number of choices they have. Likewise, even customers with existing gas units often confuse what kind of gas appliance they have.

The two most commonly confused gas appliances are gas logs and gas inserts. While similar, these fireplace options have a number of distinct differences. These differences, as well as the pros and cons of these two heating appliances, are discussed below.

Gas Logs at Home - Evergreen CO

Gas Logs

A gas log is a gas burner that is covered by “firewood” made of molded concrete, clay, or other ceramic, fireproof fibers. Gas logs most closely mimic the look and feel of a wood fireplace. Likewise, gas logs can be easily installed into an existing firebox, especially in homes where the masonry fireplace already has a gas line.

Gas logs can be used with both natural gas and propane and come in a variety of decorative styles. Homeowners can even choose the type of “wood” their gas logs are made of, such as oak, birch, or hickory. Gas logs are able to create a realistic flame due to the fact that they burn gas “dirty”. This leads to the yellow flames of a traditional wood fire. Some gas log models even come with glowing “embers” to further enhance the realistic look.

Gas logs require minimal maintenance and can be easily cleaned using soft cloths or a vacuum cleaner. Only cleaning products designed for use in fireplaces should be used. In addition, extreme care should be taken when cleaning the gas logs; moving or shifting the gas log may impact your fires and can even cause gas leakage.

Gas logs are relatively low cost to operate. Most gas logs consume between 50,000 to 90,000 BTU per hour of gas. This converts to between $0.60 and $1.50 per hour for natural gas and between $0.75 and $1.75 per hour for propane. Gas logs have the same efficiency as a wood burning fireplace; much of the heat they create is lost up the chimney rather than heating the room.

Gas Inserts

Gas inserts are closed-system combustion units that can be installed in an existing firebox or used as a free standing unit. Like gas logs, they are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any home and budget.

The closed-circuit combustion of a gas insert makes them much more energy efficient than wood burning fireplaces, as well as being more efficient than some other gas appliances. Because little to no heat is lost to outside air, gas inserts can operate with as much as 85% efficiency. In addition, they produce little to no air pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas inserts produce 99% less particulate emission than wood burning fireplaces.

In addition to improving efficiency and reducing air pollution, gas inserts are better suited to being used as a primary heating appliance. Many gas inserts come equipped with built in blowers, allowing them to quickly warm an entire room or section of a house. Gas inserts are also extremely easy to use; many homeowners enjoy the fact that they can now start a fire with the touch of a button.

Whether you are interested in gas logs or gas inserts, the highly trained and knowledge sales staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney can help you find the heating appliance that is right for your family. If you live in and around Littleton, CO contact us today to find out how a gas log or insert could benefit you!

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