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Evaporative Cooler Winterization

An evaporative cooler is a system that uses evaporated water to cool down the air around you, lowering your need for regular air conditioning. It also allows more moisture into the air which can be a real benefit in dryer climates. All in all, it’s a very effective and cost-efficient cooling process that many homeowners are taking advantage of. That being said, your evaporative cooler needs maintenance and regular care to operate efficiently with every season.Evaporative Cooler Winterization - Littleton CO - Mountian Man Fireplace

Now, come wintertime, there’s little need for an evaporative cooler (or any type of air conditioning system), especially here in Colorado. Since it won’t be put to use, it’s important to ensure it’s protected from the elements and properly winterized, so that you start it up again easily when temperatures rise in the spring and summer.

Well, here at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we’re now trained and qualified to help you out with this! Learn more about the process below, then contact us with any questions. Cold winds and snowfall will be here before we know it, so now is the time to call.

Why Winterization Is Important

So, how necessary is this service? Winterization is something that will keep your cooler lasting longer and working more efficiently year after year, making it well worth the investment. One reason it’s important is so that the water lines don’t get frozen. This could lead to struggles come summer, and the last thing we want to see is a homeowner with an evaporative cooler that doesn’t work on those first warm days.

This process will also keep the unit from rusting, and it allows our professionals the chance to clean out the interior of the system, as well, guaranteeing fewer problems when the seasons change. All in all, it prolongs the life on the appliance significantly and makes the transition to hot weather a lot easier. It’s a smart investment to make and will leave you lower energy bills this summer. Make the right choice and count on us!

Why Trusting A Professional Is Key

If you’ve already started winterizing your home for the cold months ahead, you may be asking yourself is evaporative cooler winterization is something you could handle yourself. This is not something we recommend, even for the most knowledgeable do-it-yourselfer. This process includes turning off the water, removing certain parts of the appliance, disconnecting various electrical components, properly covering the cooler, and a whole lot more.

One slip-up could lead to bigger issues down the line and, come summertime, you may find yourself with a unit that doesn’t work. This is obviously less than ideal and will only lead to more bills and stressful repair work. It’s always better to invest in affordable care earlier on than expensive and avoidable repairs down the line. Talk with our team to today, and we’ll get an appointment for you on the books. Thanks for depending on Mountain Man Chimney for it all!

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