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Summer Is An Ideal Time For Masonry Repairs

Is your masonry looking worse for the wear? You’re not alone. Many love the look and design of a masonry chimney or fireplace, but will begin to notice some cosmetic issues when the structure isn’t regularly inspected and maintained. Unfortunately, these cracks, holes, and crumbling pieces can lead to bigger issues that eventually put your home and family at serious risk. Summer Is For Masonry Repair - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney

Our team of experts is ready and able to help people all throughout our service area maintain stronger and longer-lasting chimneys and fireplaces. If you need help call on the CSIA certified crew at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today. We’re ready and eager to help you out!

Why Is Now A Good Time?

Fall is only a couple of short months away, so it won’t be long until our schedule books start to fill up. Many homeowners put off maintenance until right before the burning season begins, but this doesn’t always work out in an ideal manner. Because time slots fill up fast, finding the perfect appointment time based on your schedule isn’t typically an easy thing to do. We love it when we can perfectly accommodate homeowners, but this becomes increasingly more difficult the busier we get.

Between planning around busy time frames and addressing countless masonry repairs throughout the area, it could end up being quite some time before we get in, get the work done, and give you the okay to light your first fire of the year. We want your holiday season to be as festive as possible, which is why we urge you to call us now while we’re still in our slower time of year. We’ll get your masonry issues addressed in no time!

Many find the satisfaction of crossing chimney care off of their to-do list a huge incentive for calling our team in right away, but that’s not the only reason why summer-time repairs are encouraged. This time of year also offers an ideal temperature range for these types of jobs because the materials we use need to be applied in certain weather in order to cure properly. If you put off maintenance too long, we might advise you to wait until spring comes back around to get your work done-.

Let’s work together now to get your masonry looking and functioning great before fall and winter arrive. We’d love nothing more than to offer you the peace of mind you’re looking for regarding your fireplace, and we know you won’t regret calling us in early when you’re lighting up a fire on that first cold day.

Don’t Let Crumbling Masonry Bring You Down Any Longer

When it comes right down to it, a broken down chimney isn’t especially fun to come home to and it’s dangerous to light fires when damages are present. Your risk for house fires and gas leaks increases significantly, and you may eventually face a collapse which could cause injury and cost you hundreds in damages. Don’t take any chances. Give our team a call now!

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All About Linear Fireplaces

Do you feel limited by the same fireplace design options you see year after year? Many homeowners are eager to add a new fireplace to their home, but are tired of the same old look. Well, we’ve got good news! There are now a wide range of options out there for people looking for a newer, sleeker, and more modern look. If this sounds good to you, then it’s time you invest in a linear fireplace. The team at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney can help you out! Learn more below!

What Is It?

So, what exactly is a linear fireplace? Well, they offer the heat and unbeatable aesthetic you’re looking for, except in a streamlined rectangular design. They are easily installed almost anywhere throughout your property, both indoors and outdoors. It’s no problem to contour them to fit your current home set-up.

Benefits Of Linear Fireplaces

One of the most appealing features of these fireplaces is that you won’t have to deal with a messy woodpile or piles of ash. If you invest in a gas linear fireplace, all you’ll have to do when you get home from a long day out and about is flip the switch and enjoy the ambiance. If you have a busy lifestyle, this is the perfect arrangement!

Along with this, they don’t take up a ton of space, and they blend in well with any living space, so you know the end results will look great. There are tons of design options, too, so matching your unique tastes is super easy! We’re certain our team can find the perfect size, color, and style option for your home. Your family will love the new addition, and friends and neighbors will rave about your modern, new look!

If you’re ready to get great heat from a system that looks appealing and is easier than ever to operate, then consider a linear fireplace today! Give us a call, so that our team can set you up right!

We Can Install Your New Appliance

The staff at Mountain Man Chimney & Fireplace has been around for 15 years, and our countless certifications, awards, and 5-star reviews make it clear that we’re a business you want to work with. When you get a new appliance, professional installation is always the way to go! We’ll set things up right the first time around, so you won’t have to concern yourself with gas leaks, fire hazards, or inefficiency. Count on us for all of your installation needs!

Don’t Forget To Schedule Your Inspection!

Just because linear fireplaces are more convenient and easier to use doesn’t mean they don’t need check-ups from time to time. Even if it seems as if everything is running fine, having a certified expert look things over at least once a year is important! You could have some minor issues that, if gone unresolved, will turn into big, dangerous, and expensive problems down the line. Count on a CSIA certified chimney sweep, like the crew at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, to handle your inspection every time!

Why wait any longer? Give us a call now!

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Prevent Cold Drafts From Coming Down Your Chimney

There’s no denying that cozying up to a warm fire is the best way to spend cold evenings. It’s an easy and effective way to warm up your living space, and it’s a great way to bring loved ones together night after night. Unfortunately, once that fire is out, it’s all too easy for the cold winds of winter to swoop down your chimney and enter your home. The last thing any homeowner wants is a freezing house, and those downdrafts can bring in some pretty unpleasant odors with them, too!

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we’re here to help you out. We have the tools and expertise necessary for stopping downdrafts in their tracks, so they won’t be an issue for you or your family members any longer. Learn more below, then count on us to handle your regular chimney maintenance year after year!

Have A Chimney Cap Installed

One surefire way to stop downdrafts from occurring is to have a chimney cap installed. If you’re missing a chimney cap or if your current one is broken down, cracked, or rusted, then it’s time to call in our CSIA certified staff! Chimney caps seal the top of your flue, so that harsh winds and bad weather can’t enter your chimney and lower the temperature in your home.

Chimney caps are also great for keeping out excess moisture, blocking sparks and embers from landing on your roof, and keeping out pesky animals and debris. There’s no reason not to have one installed right away – and they’re extremely affordable, too! You’ll save yourself tons of stress, time, and money down the line… trust us when we say, chimney caps are a more than worthwhile investment!

Reline Your Chimney

Another issue that causes drafting problems is an improperly lined chimney. Chimney liners play a vital role in helping your system function efficiently, and they protect your interior parts from fire damage and excess heat, too! If your chimney is not properly lined, you’ll need to have it professionally relined as soon as possible to avoid expensive and potentially dangerous issues down the line. And once the job is done, downdrafts will be a thing of the past!

Schedule An Inspection

If you’ve tried time and time again to figure out your drafting issues, but can’t seem to find a solution, call us in for an inspection. From cracks to holes to problems with the damper, any number of things could be causing your system to malfunction, and we want to help you fix whatever problems are present. When you work with our expert team, you can trust that we’ve got your back, no matter what! Give us a call today!

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Make The Right Choice – Hire Certified Chimney Technicians

Are you ready to schedule your regular chimney maintenance? Whether you need repairs, a good cleaning, or just a standard inspection, it’s important to hire a company you can trust. Unfortunately, scams are all too common in this industry. We strongly advise you to hire a company that has a solid reputation, with certifications to back up any of the services they offer.

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we are CSIA, NFI, and FIRE certified! On top of that, we have 15 years of experience serving satisfied customers all throughout this area. Learn more about these organizations below. Questions? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you!


The CSIA is widely acknowledged across the country and holds the standard for chimney care. This non-profit organization strives to educate sweeps and homeowners on a national basis, and they have successfully increased fireplace safety awareness since their establishment in 1983. If a chimney company is striving to be the best, you can bet that they are CSIA trained and certified!

The great part about the CSIA is that they require their sweeps to renew their certifications every few years. In an industry where new techniques and regulations are constantly introduced, renewing your education on a regular basis is extremely important! When you hire a CSIA certified sweep, you can rest easy that they know what they’re doing no matter what.


The NFI is another organization that strives to increase the safety of homeowners all throughout the nation. Like the CSIA, sweeps are educated on the safest techniques and practices to use, and they must renew their credentials every three years. They provide extensive knowledge so that sweeps everywhere can provide the best service possible. When you hire a NFI certified sweep, you are in good hands!


When it comes to delivering a top-notch inspection, you can count on the FIRE to provide you with the knowledge and detail you’re looking for. This organization also focuses on installation services, as well as investigating the root of any potential issue a homeowner’s fireplace may be experiencing. The schooling they provide is specifically designed and developed to make sweeps the best that they can be when providing your regular chimney maintenance.

We’ve Got Them All!

As we stated before, Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney staffs sweeps that are trained and certified in not one, but all three of these highly esteemed organizations. When it comes to being as dedicated as possible, you can tell that we don’t skimp! Turn to us and get the high-quality care you deserve – we’re waiting for your call!

For more information on our long list of services, please browse our website today. We are certain that we can provide you with everything you’re looking for!

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Repair Winter’s Damage With Tuckpointing

With winter weather finally gone and warm spring temperatures here to stay, most of us are finished using our fireplaces until next fall. Unfortunately, the long winter may have caused damage to the masonry of your chimney.

The combination of freezing temperatures along with moisture from freezing rain, sleet, and snow can all cause serious chimney damage during the winter. Not only that, but these conditions can make existing masonry problems or damage significantly worse. If your chimney was damaged during the winter, tuckpointing may be able to help repair your masonry.

How winter weather causes chimney damageTuckpointing - Evergreen CO - Mountain Man Fireplace

During the winter, the combination of freezing temperatures and moisture can cause damage to your masonry during a process called the freeze-thaw cycle. Because bricks are vapor permeable, they are naturally porous and can absorb small amounts of water. When outside temperatures dip below zero the water in the bricks freezes and expands; this leaves behind progressively larger and larger holes and cracks. Over time, this damage can cause bricks to crack and spall, even to the point of affecting the structural stability of the chimney.

Chimneys that have large cracks, chips, crumbling masonry, or missing bricks may be suffering from water damage caused by winter weather. In these cases, it is important to repair the masonry as soon as possible to avoid further damage and protect the bricks and mortar surrounding the damage.

What is tuckpointing?

The mortar of your masonry is often affected by winter weather damage before the bricks are. Because of this, it is important to repair the mortar to prevent damage to the surrounding bricks. One way to do this is through tuckpointing.

During the tuckpointing process, the old, damaged mortar is carefully removed before new mortar is applied. Tuckpointing can help reinforce your chimney’s structural stability and prevent damage to surrounding masonry. Our technicians also take the time to specially mix mortar specifically for your chimney; this ensures a seamless transition between the old and new mortar.

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, our technicians have the training and expertise to perform this specialized chimney service. With certifications from the National Fireplace Institute and the Chimney Safety Institute of America, we have more than 15 years of experience working on chimneys in the mountains of Colorado.

Preventing future winter weather damage

One of the best ways to prevent winter weather damage is through regular chimney maintenance. Annual chimney sweepings and inspections can help spot minor areas of chimney damage before they progress into major problems. Waterproofing may also help protect your chimney against winter weather damage. Water repellants specially designed from chimneys allow the masonry to retain its gas permeable qualities while keeping moisture off of the bricks and mortar.

Winter weather can seriously damage your chimney’s masonry; thankfully, the tuckpointing process can help repair winter weather damage and leave your chimney structurally sound. For more information on repairing your chimney’s winter damage with tuckpointing, contact Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today.

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Start the New Year with a Certified Chimney Sweep

The start of the New Year isn’t just a great opportunity to make resolutions – it’s also the perfect time to have your chimney swept!

Throughout the year our chimneys can suffer from a buildup of soot, ash, and creosote. Having your chimney swept by a certified professional is the best way to keep your chimney system clean and working safely and efficiently all year long.

How often you need to have your chimney sweptCelebrate the new year

Along with regular fireplace care such as cleaning the firebox, chimneys should be swept at least once per year. Having your chimney swept at the start of the New Year means you won’t have to worry about it again until 2017 arrives!

Depending on how frequently you use your home’s heating appliance, you may need to have your chimney swept more often. According to National Fire Protection Association Code 211, chimneys need to be swept any time there is an accumulation of 1/8 of an inch of soot in the flue. This amount of accumulation is typical of burning one full cord of wood; if you go through more than that amount of firewood each year, your chimney should be swept more often.

The importance of having your chimney swept

Having your chimney regularly swept is one of the most important ways to keep your entire fireplace system running safely and efficiently. During a chimney sweeping, the highly flammable substance creosote is removed from the flue. Creosote, a naturally occurring byproduct of fuel burning fires, is the leading cause of accidental chimney fires. Removing creosote greatly reduces the risk of chimney fire, making your fireplace safer to use.

What to expect during a chimney sweeping

When hiring a certified chimney sweep, you can expect to work with a highly trained and knowledgeable professional. Your chimney sweep should take the time to explain what will be done to your home, as well as answer any potential questions you may have.

Before the sweeping begins, interior furnishing and floors surrounding the fireplace will be covered to ensure no soot or ash stains occur in your home. The chimney sweep will then begin to clean the chimney, removing soot, ash, creosote, or debris from the flue. While traditional chimney brushes are still widely used, many homeowners are surprised to see technology such as vacuums and cameras being used!

Why being certified matters

Just as you wouldn’t ask a dentist to set a broken arm, not every home repair professional is equipped to correctly clean your fireplace and chimney. Contractors and handymen often lack the tools and knowledge to sweep the chimney or identify any potential problems. Because of this, it is extremely important to only trust your chimney to a Chimney Safety Institute of America certified chimney sweep!

In order to earn their CSIA certification, chimney sweeps must undergo a rigorous education and testing process. This education gives them extensive knowledge of safety standards, building codes, and fireplace technology. Likewise, in order to maintain their certification they must retest every three year. This means that CSIA certified sweeps are up to date on the most recent advances in the industry.

Start 2016 off with a safe and clean chimney – contact Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today to schedule your appointment with a certified chimney sweep!

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Fireplace Inspections May Lower Your Insurance Rates

Call Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to learn how we can save you money on your insurance premiums!

Call Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to learn how we can save you money on your insurance premiums!

With summer a distant memory, fall has officially taken over. The winds have a new chill to them, and they have started stripping the colorful leaves from trees. People are digging up warm jackets before they head outside, and hot apple cider has become a drink of choice to stave off the chill. Homeowners are starting to think about heating their homes throughout the upcoming cold seasons, and many of them turn to their trusty fireplaces to provide warmth for the house. Along with having a functioning fireplace comes the responsibilities of keeping the unit safe and working properly. This can be done through annual chimney inspections, which can even help lower your homeowner’s insurance rates.

A chimney inspection serves several purposes, but the main idea behind them is to uncover any damage or issues that need to be repaired. One issue inspectors often uncover is water damage. Water can leak through the top of the chimney and cause damage to the damper and flue. If the flue rusts or cracks due to water damage, the rest of the chimney and house becomes exposed to water damage and even fire damage because of the high heat the flue is designed to contain. Water can also damage the masonry on this type of chimney, which can lead to structural problems like cracks or even collapse.

Another issue inspectors look for is missing or damaged chimney caps and crowns. The purpose of these units is to keep animals, debris and water from entering the chimney. Fixing caps and crowns is relatively easy and inexpensive and can save thousands in repairs, yet many homeowners would never know they are missing or damaged without having an annual inspection.

Inspectors also examine the installation of the fireplace in accordance with the flue. The National Fire Protection Association has specific standards for fireplace installation to ensure the safest burning and the lowest levels of emissions entering the home. The inspector can tell you if your fireplace meets these codes, which may help reduce your insurance costs.

The NFPA has also designed three levels of inspections. Level 1 is the basic inspection you would have done each year, as long as you do not suspect any specific issues. Here, the inspector examines every readily accessible area of the chimney and fireplace. Level 2 is more invasive, and the inspector also examines the chimney in hidden spaces, like the attic, crawlspace, or basement. Level 3 is the most involved, usually utilizing a camera to inspect the interior of the chimney, and this is usually reserved for units with known damage, such as a chimney fire.

If you plan to use your fireplace this season, be sure to schedule an inspection before you light the first fire. Contact Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney in Evergreen, Colorado for a professional consultation.

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Ways to Extend the Life of your Chimney

After years of constant usage of your chimney and fireplace, there will come a time where damages, cracks and leaks will gradually start happening. That’s why it’s best to always have us on your priority numbers’ list so that one of our CSIA-licensed experts can help you install, repair and replace any part that needs immediate attention. Here at Mountain Man, we want to make your chimney last as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to extend the life of your chimney.

The Flue and the Flue LinerThe life of a Chimney

One of the most important parts of the chimney is the flue together with the flue liner. It functions to make sure that the smoke from the open combustion in the fireplace is properly led out of the home. It also helps increase draft efficiency and will allow proper flow of air and smoke. However, when there are cracks, there might be a need to reline the flue. In worst cases, the entire flue needs to be replaced. Paying close attention to the flue and flue liner will definitely prolong the life of the chimney.

Waterproofing your Chimney

Water is one of the biggest enemies of chimneys; it can destroy it over time as water seeps into the mortar brick walls. Waterproofing your chimney by applying a waterproof sealant to the brick walls will definitely prevent water from entering thus adding more years to your chimney. Install a good chimney cap and chimney flashing too and you’re all set for any kind of weather. Having a chimney cap is a good thing because it also prevents obstructions like:

• Debris
• Small animals
• Birds and nests
• Spider webs
• Fallen leaves

These are only two of the courses of action you can take to make your chimney last longer. There are indeed many ways to extend the life of your chimney, but like everything else; it always comes with a price. Nonetheless, we will make sure that our services and our customer service are always worth both your time and money.