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Improve Fireplace Safety & Efficiency With A Sweeping

Are you ready to ensure your fireplace performs to the highest standards this winter? Schedule a sweeping with the expert team at Mountain Main Fireplace & Chimney! Our CSIA certified staff is ready to help you out soon and, with temperatures dropping more and more with every passing week, you need to make certain you’re ready for anything. Give our qualified team a call today!

Removing Creosote

One of the most important aspects of sweeping a chimney is the removal of excess creosote. Creosote is one thing you don’t want a lot of in your chimney! As you burn fires, more and more builds up, until your fireplace is no longer safe for regular use. It’s best to clean this substance out on a regular basis, so that everything functions as smoothly and as safely as possible all year round.

Why is it so dangerous? Well, creosote is very flammable and, when it catches fire, you’re looking at some pretty serious damages to your chimney’s interior. Chimney fires melt mortar, crack brickwork, and weaken your structure considerably, leaving you with a poor-functioning fireplace and some expensive repair costs.

Chimney fires also put your home and loved ones in danger. Every time you light a fire after a chimney fire has occurred, you leave your home vulnerable to stray flames that now have multiple pathways to escape the chimney and catch adjacent woodwork on fire. Along with this, toxins and fumes that normally exit through the top of the chimney are now able to enter your home, thus affecting the wellbeing of those living in it.

Removing Blockages

Another important part of a chimney sweeping is the removal of any blockages that may be hindering air flow. Dirt, debris, animals, and nesting materials are all things that can clog things up, and they need to be removed on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning. We will inspect your system and ascertain whether or not there are issues that may cause problems for you when lighting a fire.

Failing to remove obstructions will result in smoke and toxins backing up into your home, which is less than ideal and can trigger health issues. Call us in right away, so we can get you ready for the colder months ahead!

Checking For Repairs

We will also look around to make sure there are no cracks, holes, or other issues with your masonry that may cause problems down the line. Fireplaces make a great asset to any home, but when things are not functioning as they should, you’re left with a lot of extra stress. As you bring in this new year, let us help you out by creating one less thing to worry about. Schedule your annual sweeping with us today!

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Common Issues Found During Chimney Inspections

If there’s one thing we stress (especially this time of year), it’s that chimney inspections are vital for maintaining good chimney health. When you skimp on this regular maintenance, your system faces a lot more wear and tear, and it will break down at a faster pace, shortening the lifespan of your fireplace. Eventually, you’ll either have to say goodbye to cozy nights by the fire or invest in costly repairs and reconstruction jobs. Neither sound like a great option!

Scheduling annual inspections is definitely the way to go. You’ll save yourself time and money, and you’ll keep any extra stress far away, too! Take the easy route this holiday season, and hire Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney for all of your chimney, venting, and fireplace needs. We can help you out!

Excess Creosote

So, what do we usually come across in our inspection? It’s fair to wonder what issues you are avoiding by calling us in, and we love to keep homeowners up-to-date and educated on the chimney sweep world! One thing we check for is excess creosote. Creosote is one of the most harmful substances your chimney can come across and it’s known for its flammable nature. That means, the more you have of it, the higher your risk is for a chimney fire!

Chimney fires can wear down your chimney fast and lead to bigger issues, such as gas leaks and house fires. The worst part is that many go unnoticed by the homeowner! It may seem hard to believe, but a chimney fire can be very quiet and sneaky, and many continue using their fireplace long after one has occurred. Since stray flames and fumes can easily escape through cracks and holes that form after a fire, this is highly dangerous!

When we inspect your chimney, we’ll check for it all. If there’s creosote, we will take the appropriate steps to remove with the best tools and products available. And if we notice signs of a chimney fire, we can get things taken care of in no time! Our CSIA certified staff will get your fireplace back in working order, so that you can put it to use throughout the cold months ahead. Count on us today!

Necessary Repairs

Repairs are another issue we spot from time to time. If your brickwork or mortar is crumbling, we will fix it up, so that it looks and functions great again! We can also repair or replace any parts that seem to be out of order. This includes chimney caps, chase covers, dampers, and more! We’ll get you taken care of, no matter what !

Blockages & More

We can also take care of any blockages, that may be inhibiting airflow, and we’ll check your liner for any cracks, too. On top of that, we’ll make sure your crown is in top-notch condition! Once we’re through, all of your chimney issues will be resolved, and your fireplace will function better than ever this holiday season (and for many more winters to come)!

Don’t put it off any longer… let us make your home safer this holiday season! Call now!

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Is Your Chimney Ready For Santa?

Santa Chimney Clean Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man FireplaceWith Christmas just weeks away, homeowners everywhere are facing some long to-do lists. Between gift wrapping, meal prep, decorating, and more, it can be hard to find the time to get it all done! That’s why you should count on the experts at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to set you up right this holiday season. We can ensure your chimney is clean and soot-free for Santa’s arrival. Schedule your annual inspection and cleaning today!

Benefits Of A Clean Fireplace

Impressing Mr. Claus is not the only reason to have your fireplace and chimney checked out. There are countless reasons to get your cleaning in right away.

  • Clearing Blockages: When temperatures start to drop, birds and other outdoor creatures start scoping out warm places to store food and nest down for the cold winter months. Unfortunately, chimneys are an ideal spot for these little critters. The more these nesting materials pile up, the bigger issues you will face when trying to light a fire.

A certified chimney professional knows where to look and how to remove these things as efficiently as possible. They will ensure nothing is blocked off, so you can gain the peace of mind you desire when lighting your fires. Kiss smoking issues and harmful toxins good-bye by calling us in right away!

  • Preventing Fires: Cleaning out creosote on a regular basis is vital for maintaining chimney health. It is a highly flammable substance and having a lot of it puts your chimney and home at a heightened risk for fire. When most think of a chimney fire, they picture a big, obvious event, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, these will occur without anyone realizing it!

Regardless the situation, an out-of-control fire will cause lasting damage to your chimney and puts your family in harm’s way. Don’t take the risk – schedule your cleaning today.

  • Impress Guests: Keeping your home and family safe is always our number one priority, but we want to make sure your décor looks good, too! Fireplaces are often considered the focal point of a room or living area. Have yours cleaned today, so that your home will be in great shape for any holiday parties or events.

Friends and neighbors will rave about your great taste for weeks on end, and you can relax and enjoy your evening, knowing your fireplace is in the best condition possible. Pick up the phone and give us call, so we can set you up right.

If you are ready to get that cleaning in, depend on Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney. We have been serving this area for 15 years and we continue to receive great reviews from countless satisfied customers.

Impress your friends, family, and, most importantly, Santa Claus by getting your professional chimney cleaning in now. Thanks for working with us!

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Don’t Wait! Schedule Your Chimney Sweeping Today

Chimney Sweeping Scheduling Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man FireplaceThe holiday season is fast approaching and homeowners everywhere are getting excited to put their fireplace to more frequent use. When cold weather hits and snow begins to fall, nothing is more idyllic than cozying up to a crackling fire with loved ones. Yet, ensuring the proper steps are taken to keep your home and family safe is vital when you own your own chimney and fireplace.

Now is the time to schedule your regular sweeping and inspection. Chances are, your fireplace has been in the back of your mind throughout the Spring and Summer months, which means a few steps need to be taken to ensure it is safe and ready for regular use.

Chimney Sweepings

Dirty chimneys are a leading cause of chimney fires. Not only do they damage the health of your chimney, but they put your home and family at risk, as well. Fires spread quickly, and one could easily work its way through the rest of your home.

Chimney fires put your fireplace through a lot. Too much heat causes the various parts to break down at a rapid pace. Cracks and holes will form and the mortar and other materials will break down quickly. The more wear and tear your chimney faces, the more potential danger your home is in. These damages will likely lead to a collapse or settlement, leaving you with a big mess and countless costly repairs.

The reason dirty chimneys are more vulnerable to fires is due to the build-up of creosote. Creosote forms as your fireplace is put to use and it is highly flammable, so excess accumulation is not good. This is why having your fireplace professionally cleaned is so vital! Experts know where to find this debris and how to remove it with the proper tools and chemicals, so schedule your appointment today!

Chimney Inspections

Inspections are another important aspect of pre-Winter chimney maintenance. After months without much attention, your chimney and fireplace will likely need some tuning up before you start building fires. An inspection offers you peace of mind, knowing that everything is working great and ready to operate. Should a sweep find anything abnormal, they will know how to proceed forward with the necessary repairs and leave you with a great looking and well-running fireplace.

Inspections are also good for making certain no blockages or build-up will cause venting problems. Birds, squirrels, and other critters often deem chimneys and pipes ideal spots for building homes and storing their findings. Unfortunately for you, these materials not only trigger fires, but prevent smoke and other toxins from properly escaping. The last thing a homeowner needs is dangerous gases backing up into their home, affecting the health of friends and family. Schedule an inspection today to ensure you are good to go before building any fires.

At Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney, our customers continue to turn to us for all of their chimney and fireplace needs. Call us today to schedule your sweeping and inspection and to get the service you deserve. We look forward to working with you!

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How To Tell There’s A Problem With Your Fireplace

Because so much of the chimney is inaccessible or located in difficult to reach areas, many of us do not know what state our fireplace systems are in. However, there are often a number of signs that there may be a problem with your fireplace. By learning how to recognize early signs of damage, you can call a chimney professional before a minor issue turns into a major problem. Below are a few of the most common signs that there may be a problem with your fireplace.How To Tell There's A Problem With Your Fireplace - Evergreen CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney

Water in the fireplace

Water in the flue or firebox should never be ignored; while chimneys and fireplaces are built to withstand significant heat, water can quickly wreak havoc and cause damage throughout your fireplace system.

One of the most common causes of chimney leaks is a damaged chimney cap. Chimney caps are designed to cover and protect the top of the flue against animals, debris, and moisture. However, if the chimney cap is damaged in any way water can freely enter the flue and cause damage throughout the chimney system.

Fireplace odor

A strange smell coming from the fireplace is more than just an inconvenience; it can affect your home’s air quality or create smells that permeate every room of the house. Because there can be many causes of fireplace odor, a professional fireplace inspection may be needed to pinpoint the exact cause; however, there are three of the most common causes of chimney odor.

  • Animals: Sudden sharp or rotting odors often indicated that animal has gotten into your chimney. If the smell is accompanied by animal cries, scurrying, or clawing sounds it is important to have the animals professionally removed as soon as possible. Homeowners should never attempt to smoke out animals; the smoke and heat from the fire can cause animals to become disoriented or die before they exit the chimney.
  • Creosote: If it has been several years – or longer – since your chimney has been swept, your chimney odor may be caused by creosote. Odors caused by creosote often come and go and may be stronger during warm weather, when the air conditioner is running, or if it is extremely humid.
  • Water: Water in the fireplace or flue can cause mold or mildew to grow. If caused by mold growth, this musty, damp smell will continue to worsen and can eventually affect the air quality in your home, especially for those with respiratory issues such as asthma.

Damaged masonry

The state of your fireplace’s masonry may reveal an underlying issue. Masonry that is cracked, chipped, or crumbling may be deteriorating due to water damage. Likewise, interior or exterior bricks that are excessively stained may be due to a drafting issue.

Knowing how to recognize signs of fireplace problems can help you know when it’s time to call in the chimney professionals for help. If your fireplace is experiencing any signs of damage or deterioration and you live around the Denver area, contact Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney to start your appointment today or call 303-679-1601!

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