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Is Your Chimney Leaking?

As much as we all love the warm weather that comes with Spring, but it also brings us lots of rain. While it helps to nourish our plants and grass, it can bring lots of troublesome issues for your brickwork and masonry. Chimney leaks are a huge problem and can trigger lasting damage. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this problem. At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we know many solutions to help your chimney’s masonry to last a lifetime!

Our Team Can Patch Things Up

If leaks are already present in your chimney system, then you should give us a call right away! We know exactly where to look and what to inspect to ensure all holes, cracks, or openings are found and sealed. If any part of your chimney is broken, let our experts come repair and replace them right now. It’s critical to get these issues resolved as soon as possible to avoid further decay and deterioration. With our team on your side, you can rest easy knowing things are taken care of and will be restored back to normal in no time!

Springtime is the most ideal time to get all of your leaks and repairs fixed. The products we use must cure in a certain temperature range to ensure the best results, and spring gives us the perfect weather to get things done just right!

Most chimney companies also have more openings during the spring and summer months. Fall and winter are very busy as you can imagine. By scheduling your appointments now, you are guaranteed more flexibility. We’ll make certain all repairs are addressed so your chimney and fireplace is ready to go when fall arrives!

Preventative Maintenance

Now that your chimney is back in optimal condition, it’s time to consider preventative maintenance to avoid any future concerns. A well-built chimney crown, for example, ensures water slopes down and away from your chimney and brickwork. A good chimney cap will stop water from entering your flue and wreaking havoc.

Another important part of your chimney system is the flashing. The flashing seals the area where the roof and chimney meet, and it plays an integral part in keeping water out of your fireplace and your home. Unfortunately, it inevitably cracks, rusts, or separates from the structure and needs to be mended over time. Our team is trained and equipped to fix any of your flashing problems!

Let our professionals help

Lastly, we strongly urge our customers to invest in waterproofing to prevent the masonry from absorbing too much water. As the brickwork soaks in water, it can cause the structure to become weaker. After going through the freeze/thaw process a few times, you’re looking at some big problems to come!

We offer the best products along with years of experiences in this industry. Call or contact us online to set up an appointment right now!

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How Water Impacts Your Chimney

Spring is here! We are all excited about sunny days and warm weather, but we may have to prepare for some rainy days before we get there. Springtime brings about lots of moisture, so don’t forget to prepare your chimney for storms and wet weather. Getting things patched up and protected ahead of time will save you a lot of stress down then line! Call on our experts today.

Damaging Effects of Water

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that bricks are actually quite absorbent. Chimneys are known for being strong, hard, and sturdy, so it’s hard to imagine that a little bad weather will wear it down. Unfortunately, too much exposure to moisture can cause lots of issues! Check out just some of these by reading below.

  • Freeze/Thaw Effect: We are no stranger to cold winters. When your brickwork soaks in water throughout spring, this liquid ends up freezing and expanding when temperatures drop later in the year. When it expands, so does your brick! It thaws back out in the warm months, causing your chimney to settle. All of that wear and tear puts a lot of excess pressure on your system, as a whole!
  • Rust: There are a lot of metal components to your chimney. When these parts are exposed to water time and time again, they begin to rust and break down. This only allows more water to seep in, making your problems even worse! Prevent rust by investing in leak repair and waterproofing services right away.
  • Mortar Deterioration: When your mortar starts to crack and flake, this is a clear cut sign that you need some professional help – and fast! At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we offer tuckpointing services, so that your mortar will look like new again in no time. We make this complicated process look easy with our precision and dedication to customer satisfaction. Give us a call to learn more!
  • Stains: Water problems can cause issues with your chimney’s appearance, as well! Water stains will pop up throughout your brickwork and can even work their way to your interior walls and ceiling – not good! Keep your home, fireplace, and brickwork looking clean and strong by stopping moisture issues in their tracks. It’s a step you won’t regret!

These issues, plus rot, decay, clogs, mold accumulation, and more are all problems you will have to face if you don’t take care of water problems right away. Don’t hesitate any longer – contact our staff now!


Once any necessary repairs are completed, ask us about our waterproofing services! Waterproofing is a great step to take and it will make a huge difference in preventing further issues from occurring down the line. Our products provide tough protection, while allowing your chimney the opportunity to properly breathe and vent out vapors. Learn more by visiting our website!

For more information, give us a call – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Spring Is The Best Time For Exterior Chimney Services

For your fireplace, winter means more than just snow, ice, and freezing temperatures; it is also the period of heaviest fireplace use during the year. Because of this, many fireplaces enter spring a little worse for the wear and are in need of repairs. Luckily, spring is the best time for exterior chimney services!

What causes masonry damage? Spring is the Best Time For Exterior Chimney Services-Evergreen, CO- Mountain Man Chimney -w800-h800

There is a reason chimneys are built out of bricks and mortar – it is one of the strongest building materials on the planet. However, there are a number of ways that masonry can become damaged. Exposure to the elements, extreme weather, house settling, and even animals can all cause damage to your masonry. However, the most common cause of masonry damage is from moisture; water from rain, snow, ice, and even hoses or sprinklers can all cause damage to the bricks. Over time, exposure to moisture can even damage the masonry to the point of affecting the structural stability of the chimney.

What are the signs of masonry damage?

There are varying degrees of masonry damage, ranging from minor cracks and chips to spalling bricks that affect the structural stability of the chimney. However, there are several signs that may indicate your masonry has been damaged.

– Chips or cracks in the bricks and mortar
– Missing pieces of masonry
– Stained masonry
– Growth of ivy or climbing vines on the chimney
– Chimney leaks

Since most of us do not spend a great deal of time studying our chimneys, it can be difficult to tell when damage has occurred. Because of this, an annual sweeping and inspection are an important part of keeping your chimney in good condition. Regular inspections can often identify masonry damage before it progresses into a dangerous problem.

Why is spring the best time for masonry repairs?

The following are four reasons why spring is the best time of year for exterior chimney services.

– Low use period: With warmer temperatures outside, most homeowners do not use their fireplaces in the spring. This means that you will not be affected if the fireplace cannot be used for a period of time during repairs.
– Flexible scheduling: Because spring is the “off season” for chimneys, scheduling during this time of year is more flexible. During the spring, homeowners are often able to get appointments times that are convenient for them with minimal waiting.
– Weather: Many masonry repairs cannot be completed if the weather is too cold or too hot. Spring has ideal weather conditions to help get repairs completed quickly with minimal delays.
– Be ready for fall: Even if you aren’t planning on using your fireplace for several months, having it repaired during the spring means there will be no waiting when you’re ready for fires in the fall.

If your chimney’s masonry needs to be repaired and you live around Lakewood, now is the best time of year to have it done. Call Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today to schedule your exterior chimney services!

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