Chimney Venting Systems

If you have a heating appliance in your home that works via combustion (by burning some sort of fuel), you need to have a venting system connected to it. Combustion of any kind produces byproducts, from poisonous carbon monoxide to combustible debris. A venting system works to remove these dangerous byproducts from your home, making your heating appliance safe for use indoors.

When we install a new appliance in your home, we also install a proper venting system to go along with it (if necessary). The compatibility of your heating appliance and venting system is especially important, as different types of appliances burn different types of fuels and require different types of venting systems in order to work properly and safely.

If you have a venting system that isn’t functioning properly and live around Littleton, CO, we can install one that will allow you to safely enjoy your appliance.

Venting System Options

There are a few different ways that hearth products are commonly vented: natural draft, direct vent and vent-free.

The most commonly used venting system in gas fireplaces today is direct vent. Appliances that use a direct-vent system have vents that terminate (or end) up above the roof just like a typical chimney, or through a wall behind the appliance. The appliance brings in the air for combustion from outside, and vents the byproducts to the outside. To work properly, the appliance must have glass panels or doors to seal off combustion and allow the fuel to burn efficiently without negatively affecting the indoor air quality.

Natural draft venting uses air in the room for combustion, but vents the byproducts outside, up above the roof. This might be something to talk about if you’re using an existing chimney with a new unit.

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney will be happy to talk with you about the different benefits that come with different venting systems, and help you decide which one is the best choice for your home. When our CSIA-certified technicians install a venting system in your home, you can expect the highest levels of professionalism and care. We’ve been working on homes in Colorado for more than 20 years, and our goal is to provide our neighbors with safe and beautiful heating appliances that they can truly love and enjoy.

Let Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney install the right venting system for your appliance and your home. Call us today, at 303-679-1601!


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