Schedule Your Chimney Repairs Soon

Is chimney maintenance on your spring cleaning to-do list? If not, be sure to add it now! There are countless benefits to scheduling your chimney inspections and repairs early in the season. In addition, you will be happy to have everything done once winter rolls around again.

Learn more about why now is the time to call, then browse our website for an extensive look into the many services we can offer you. At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Ensure Your Repairs Last

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a repair service, only to have things break down again a short time later. By calling in repairs during the warmer weather months, you help ensure your repairs stand the test of time. You see, when it comes to chimney care, temperatures need to be within a certain range for most of the repair materials to properly cure. Once it gets cold, repairs become a challenge. Consequently, the likelihood of them lasting minimizes dramatically.

Lucky for you, the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney is CSIA trained and certified in a wide range of repair services! We can repair dampers, replace chase covers, install chimney caps, address leaks, patch up masonry, and lots more. Call us now to schedule your chimney maintenance, and we will be happy to get you in the books!

Making Things Convenient

We always strive to make every experience as convenient as possible for the customers we work with. This is another reason why calling sooner, rather than later, helps us make your chimney experience as top-notch as possible! Once fall and winter get here, our books fill up fast. Homeowners all throughout the area want to ensure their chimney is inspected and cleaned before the holidays arrive, so we stay super busy!

Unfortunately, this makes scheduling chimney repairs a bit of a struggle. Repairs can take up some time and, if things don’t go as planned, scheduling extra days and time slots can be quite challenging! By getting things patched up ahead of time, you guarantee your fireplace will be ready to go when the cold weather arrives.

On top of all that, calling now means getting the timeslot that works best for your schedule! If you know a certain time of day is ideal, we want to work with you during that time. Get your name in right away, so you never have to worry about working around someone else’s schedule again.

Keeping Us Safe

The last thing we want to note is how much we appreciate our customers. When you schedule your repairs during nice weather, it helps keep our staff safer up on your roof. It is much more ideal to work in the sunshine, rather than battle an icy roof in windy weather. Book your repairs now, so that we can do the best job possible!

Ready to get things fixed up? Call us today!