More Than 60% Of Home Buyers Prefer A Home With A Fireplace

A great fireplace brings great value and desirability to a home. Here in Colorado, a fireplace can be a crucial source of heat for many homeowners looking for energy savings and a source of beautiful ambiance for those seeking a classic Colorado-living experience. In a study by Angie’s List, 63.15% of home buyers surveyed reported that the presence of a fireplace was an important factor in their decision whether to buy a home. It’s not just that; 40% of participants said they’d pay more for a home with a fireplace than without a fireplace. The value of a modern fireplace goes beyond just the sale of the home, often generating a significant return on investment in savings on energy costs over time.

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How does a fireplace effect home value?

The National Center for Real Estate Research states that “fireplaces have a strong, positive effect on selling price with each fireplace adding about 12 percent.” Other studies have produced dollar amount estimates, with Angie’s List reporting that home buyers were willing to pay between $1,000-$10,000 more than they would for a comparable home without a fireplace, depending on the location of the fireplace and the quality of the fireplace itself.

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The value that a fireplace adds to a home is not just monetary. It’s hard to argue against the benefits that a fireplace brings to a homeowner when it comes to ambiance and energy efficiency. This can be an important point to bring to a buyer’s attention in the selling process, especially in Colorado.

According to the Angie’s List study, wood burning fireplaces are the most popular type of hearth appliance by far. These appliances may require a bit more maintenance and care to burn properly, but they are a draw for many potential home buyers. Contrary to popular belief, you can still burn wood in Denver. However, for home buyers who want more convenience, a gas fireplace is a great option, offering easy startup and consistent heat in thermostat mode.

When selling a home, how do you prepare the fireplace?

If you’re about to list a home with a fireplace, it’s important to have the fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected. Doing this work before you list a home can save you a lot of time and money later in the process, catching issues in the flue or in the appliance before they throw a wrench into the works at closing time.

Getting repairs done and ensuring that the fireplace is functional and safe prior to selling the home can make or break a purchase for some buyers

We provide central Colorado with three levels of inspection:

Level 1 Chimney Inspections (Also Our Pre-Listing Inspection)
During a Level 1, or Pre-Listing, Inspection we inspect all the readily accessible interior and exterior portions of your chimney system (from the firebox to the flue) will be inspected closely, and checked for signs of damage, danger and health hazards (such as carbon monoxide intrusion).

Level 2 Chimney Inspections
When a property is being bought or sold, it is necessary to have a more thorough Level 2 inspection, which includes access to areas that aren’t included in a Level 1 inspection (like attics and crawl spaces) and video scanning of the flue. You’ll also opt for a Level 2 inspection if there’s been a change to your system, like a new flue liner or a new appliance.

Level 3 Chimney Inspections
If a problem is found in a Level 1 or Level 2 inspection, you may need an even more in-depth Level 3 inspection, which can include the removal of materials around the chimney system, like doors or drywall, for a more thorough look into the system.

As with any other part of the home, getting repairs done and ensuring that the fireplace is functional and safe prior to selling the home can make or break a purchase for some buyers, especially those who make the fireplace a priority. Not only that, having the fireplace inspected can prevent last minute costs to the seller in the selling process.

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