Have Your Masonry Repairs Done Now!

Have Your Masonry Repairs Done Now Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & ChimneyWith warm temperatures and long days still outside, few homeowners are using their fireplaces. However, fall is just around the corner; make sure your chimney is ready for this burning season by having it serviced and repaired now!

If your chimney needs to be repaired, now is the perfect time to have it done. Having your chimney repaired before the heavy burning season will ensure you and your family can enjoy a safe and efficient fireplace all winter long.

What causes masonry damage?

The exterior masonry of your chimney is meant to withstand the elements; however, even the best built chimneys can be damaged or deteriorate over time. The following are three common causes of masonry damage.

  • Moisture: Water is one of nature’s most damaging elements, especially to the masonry of your chimney. The freeze thaw process, during which small amounts of water absorbed by the brick expand and cause further damage, can cause masonry to crack and spall in as little as one winter. Water from rain, ice, snow, and even sprinklers can lead to damage or chimney leaks.
  • Settling: Settling happens to all homes; if your fireplace were not built on a strong foundation, settling can cause the chimney to crack and shift. Cracks in the refractory masonry of the firebox are a common symptom of settling. Chimneys that have shifted or cracked due to settling should be inspected as soon as possible to ensure they are still structurally sound.
  • Other causes of masonry damage: Even the toughest masonry can be damaged in a number of surprising ways. Painting the chimney with a non-breathable sealant can trap water inside, causing hidden masonry damage behind the paint. Likewise, attempting to power wash a dirty chimney can do more damage than good; power washing masonry can cause cracks and holes that let water in and cause further damage.

Benefits of having your masonry repaired now

Even though you aren’t currently using your chimney, now is the perfect time to have your chimney repaired. Below are three reasons to have your masonry repaired now.

  1. No breaks in use. Damaged masonry often means an unusable fireplace. While this isn’t an issue during warm weather, it can literally leave you out in the cold in the winter months. To prevent any breaks in use, have masonry repaired now so it is fixed and ready when cold weather arrives.
  2. Better appointment availability. Fall and winter are the busiest times for chimney companies as homeowners rush to have chimneys and fireplaces cleaned and repaired. Avoid the rush – and get a more convenient appointment time – by having your masonry repaired now.
  3. Less chance of weather delays. Unpredictable winter weather can side track and delay masonry repairs. Likewise, some masonry repairs cannot be completed in freezing temperatures or when moisture such as snow and ice are present. Avoid this by having masonry repaired now.

If your masonry is damaged, don’t put off the repairs until fall. Now is the perfect time to have your chimney serviced and repaired. To schedule your masonry repair, chimney sweeping, or other fireplace appointment, contact Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney today!