HomeSaver Chimney Caps

Protecting your chimney is essential in promoting fireplace health and keeping your system strong. Whether it comes in the form of rain, sleet, or snow, moisture is one thing that will damage your flue and brickwork in a hurry! How can you keep it out of your chimney’s interior? Simple. Have our team install a HomeSaver chimney cap.

A chimney cap is installed at the top of your chimney, and it provides a sturdy cover to ensure bad weather and excess water stay out. HomeSaver has a long list of dependable and durable options for you, and there are a variety of styles to choose from, as well. They’ve been our trusted brand for years, and we guarantee satisfaction when you allow our CSIA certified team to handle the job. Call today to learn more.

Chimney Cap BenefitsHomeSaver chimney caps can protect your  chimney from water.

Chimney caps are essential for keeping water out of your fireplace. In fact, in order for a chimney liner to meet the standards of the Underwriters Laboratories, there must be a chimney cap installed on the unit. Chimney caps play a key role in keeping your flue better protected!

Along with this, chimney caps block animals from entering your chimney. Those four brick walls are quite appealing to many woodland critters, especially throughout the colder months, but this can lead to some big problems when you go to light a fire. Their nesting materials, or sometimes the animals themselves, can easily clog up your system and affect airflow.

Along with this, some bird species, like the chimney swift, cannot be removed once they settle in. Because they are endangered, intentionally removing them or their young is illegal, and it could land you with some hefty fines. You’ll have to wait until they migrate away before putting your system to use again, which could take some time .

Chimney caps also keep excess debris from blowing into your chimney, and they are known for preventing downdrafts. Worried about sparks landing on your roof? Chimney caps stop those, too. Their protective seal ensures that everything outside of your chimney stays out, while sparks and stray flames stay in. There is simply no reason not to have yours installed as soon as possible.

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