What Is Tuckpointing?

If the masonry work on your home or chimney begins to show signs of degradation (receding joints, crumbling brick), odds are you’ll need to have some tuckpointing done in order to repair it. Tuckpointing generally consists of removing degraded masonry joints and replacing them with proper new materials. But there’s a lot more to tuckpointing than meets the eye, and it’s important to have trained, experienced professionals do the job. When you have your tuckpointing work done by a professional, you shouldn’t notice the repairs visually, and the structural integrity of the masonry shouldn’t be affected.

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technicians are trained to properly perform this specialized work, and are certified by The National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We’ve been working on chimneys in the mountains of Colorado for more than 20 years, and we understand the unique problems that chimneys face in our geographical location.

Why Do I Need To Have A Professional Do My Tuckpointing Work?

It’s no mystery that masonry materials (bricks, stones, concrete) are quite heavy. For this reason, it is important that masonry chimneys and fireplaces be designed to properly withstand the weight of materials. Repairing joints in masonry doesn’t just require doing it in a way that will visually mask the repairs (although that is indeed important) — the key to tuckpointing work is to rebuild the joints in a way that properly maintains the integrity of the structure. This is a complex process, particularly with older homes, because the bricks and mortar used in masonry chimneys and fireplaces has changed drastically over the years. Older and newer bricks have far different degrees of hardness and water permeability, and the same is true for mortar. If you were to replace masonry materials in a chimney with materials that didn’t match its functional properties, you’d be left with a chimney that was even more dangerous than it was before repairs were performed.

Why Us?

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technicians are highly trained in tuckpointing work and equipped with the proper tools. We have years of experience working on historic and new homes, so regardless of when your home was built, we’re ready to repair your chimney the right way. When you have us handle your tuckpointing work, you can trust that the results will match your masonry’s look and stand up to years of safe and efficient use.

Do you need to have tuckpointing done on your masonry chimney? Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney can help. Call to make an appointment at 303-679-1601, today!


For the safe operation of your entire chimney system, let our experienced technicians inspect your chimney crown to determine whether it needs any masonry repair or rebuild.

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