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Masonry fireplaces and chimneys are beautiful and timeless. We love the look of a well-built masonry chimney, and stone and brick fireplaces can bring a nostalgic, classic, cozy and unmatched charm to a home. In addition to being charming, fireplaces and chimneys constructed of brick or stone and mortar are incredibly durable.

While brick and mortar are indeed highly durable as building materials, they will require regular maintenance in order to hold up. With time and use, it can be expected that a masonry chimney system will require some repair. Properly repairing masonry is meticulous work that requires proper tools, experience and training. At Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney, we’ve been working on masonry chimney systems in and around Littleton, Colorado for more than 20 years, and our experienced technicians know chimneys and fully understand the unique requirements of operating a hearth appliance in the mountains of Colorado. When you have a problem with your chimney system, you can expect our team members to recommend the right repairs and to perform those repairs to the highest standards.

Some Common Masonry Repairs

Chimney Crowns
When your chimney system was built, a chimney crown was built at the top of the chimney, most likely out of masonry or concrete. It works with many other parts in your system to protect the chimney against the intrusion of water. But, given where your chimney crown sits (horizontally, at the very top of your chimney) it has to stand up to a particularly large share of water attacks. When chimney leaks crop up, it’s not uncommon to find a cracked chimney crown causing or contributing to the problem. Depending on the level of damage, there are different types of crown repairs that Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney can provide. If you have a leak or have noticed cracks in your chimney crown, give us a call — we’ll inspect the crown and recommend the best approach for bringing it back to full and lasting function.

If your masonry chimney or fireplace shows signs of degraded joints or crumbling brick, you’ll likely need to have tuckpointing work done. From the outside, it might look like a simple process, removing damaged masonry and replacing it with fresh materials. But there are a variety of considerations that must be made in order to ensure that repairs aren’t visually obvious and won’t negatively affect the structure. Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technicians are trained to perform tuckpointing repairs that will return your chimney system to its visual and functional best.

If your masonry chimney system is in need of repairs, Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney would love to help. Call us at 303-679-1601 and make an appointment today!


If you’re facing a chimney or fireplace tear-out and rebuild, there are some options you’ll want to explore first. You can rely on our expertise to guide you toward the right choice for you when it comes to these services for your fireplace or chimney system.

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