Dryer Vent Cleaning & Installation

In order to avoid fire hazards, it’s incredibly important to regularly maintain and inspect your chimney system. But chimney fires certainly aren’t the only home fires we commonly see — dryer vent fires are alarmingly common, and the occurrence of these fires underlines how important it is to have the dryer vents in your home regularly and professionally cleaned.

Statistics Show The Danger Of Dryer Fires

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) cites Home Fires Involving Clothes Dryers Or Washing Machines, which is a study that was released in September 2012. According to this study, almost 17,000 home structure fires involving clothes dryers were reported in 2010, bringing with them 51 deaths, 380 injuries and more than $230 million in property damages. The items that ignited 29 percent of these fires? Dust, fiber or lint. And the leading cause (32 percent of reported fires) was found to be a failure to clean.

How Can A Dryer Cause A Fire?

In order to sufficiently dry your clothes, your dryer creates a high degree of heat, and your dryer vent ushers that heated air to the outside of your home. Lint and dust commonly travel along with that hot air, and over time, it can build up inside of your dryer vents. As it accumulates, it can restrict the air flow within the vent, causing the air to heat the built-up lint and debris slowing down its exit. Lint is highly combustible, making this heat incredibly dangerous. The equation is frighteningly clear: combustible materials plus contained, high heat often equals fire.

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technicians can properly clean your dryer vents, removing lint and other deposits all along the vent, and letting the heated air freely and properly flow from your appliance to the outside of your home.

Beyond Fire Prevention, Clean Dryer Vents Bring Other Benefits

Have you completed a dryer cycle only to find that the clothes are still damp? This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be in the market for a new dryer. A restricted dryer vent isn’t letting the air leave your dryer properly, so the appliance can’t perform the way it should. You may be surprised by how much better your machine will work after the vent is properly cleaned. And by getting the vent cleaned before you start shopping for a new appliance, you might save yourself a considerable amount of money — not to mention the money that will be saved when you’re not paying for inefficiency.

Mountain Man Fireplace And Chimney Does Installations, Too

Was your dryer vent improperly installed? Is it not venting directly to the outside of your home, as it should? Call Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney — we don’t just clean dryer vents – we install them!

For all your dryer vent needs, call Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney at 303-679-1601!


Regular chimney sweeping can go a long way towards keeping your chimney in safe operating condition, so don’t put off this simple chimney service.

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