Chimney Cap Installation & Accessories

A chimney without a chimney cap is like a knight without a shield — it’s out there, battling the elements, with nothing protecting one of its most vulnerable points.

A chimney cap provides much-needed protection to your flue, not only against the constant barrage of rain, snow and sleet, but against the various critters that prefer to reside in chimneys.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Have A Chimney Cap?

  • Water can erode your masonry and even make its way into the interior of your home.
  • Animals can bring a lot of unwanted elements into your chimney like fur and feces.
  • Birds tend to carry in combustible debris, building nests that clog up your flue and create a fire hazard. Plus, federally-protected chimney swifts love to nest in chimneys, and if they choose to nest in yours, they legally can’t be removed. They have to leave on their own, and you have to wait them out. If you don’t take proper precautions, they’ll continue to come back, as chimney swifts are known for returning to the same place to nest.

Bottom line: You don’t want anything turning your chimney into a home, and chimney caps help stop that from happening.

Chimney Caps We Carry And Recommend

In our 20+ years in business in Colorado, we’ve done a lot of research to find products that we believe to be the best for our customers. The products we use are selected based on whether or not they meet with our high expectations of quality, style, warranty, and service – that’s why we work with HomeSaver chimney caps.

HomeSaver offers an array of different chimney caps that we’ve found to be highly effective and highly durable. Whether you have a factory-built or masonry chimney, prefer stainless steel or black galvanized steel, HomeSaver has a cap for you. If you have a solid-pack or relined round flue, HomeSaver Pro’s Guardian Chimney Cap will be a great choice for your home — it is designed to slide down into these specific flue types for a snug fit. Your Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technician can talk to you about the most appropriate products for your chimney and help you make the best decision for your needs.

Mountain Man Fireplace And Chimney Can Also Help With Chimney Cap Accessories

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney can also recommend a variety of chimney cap accessories, like draft inducers or animal screens, that can help protect and enhance your chimney system. Talk to our technicians about your needs!

Do you need a new chimney cap installed? We’d love to help! Call Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney at 303-679-1601, today!


You can increase the efficiency of your fireplace with a top-sealing damper. Ask us whether this chimney repair is right for you.

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