Chimney Flashing

One of the most important defenses against water in your chimney system is its flashing, which surrounds the chimney where it meets with the roof. Flashing is generally constructed out of metal — either galvanized steel, stainless steel or copper — and is custom-made to fit each individual chimney. It must be carefully custom-designed in order to properly protect the seams between your chimney and roof.

Metal flashing can be very durable, but we commonly see parts bend, corrode, or lift off, particularly during strong storms. The caulk that is installed to seal and further protect the flashing can also loosen or come off altogether, allowing water an easier entrance.

Since flashing is installed in an area that takes a heavy beating from the elements, it’s not unusual for us to find that it is the source, or one of the sources, of a chimney leak. If you have a leak, call Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney! We’ll inspect your flashing, along with other parts of your system, and determine if any area is damaged or improperly functioning. If your flashing needs repair, our CSIA-certified technicians can properly provide the custom work that’s required for effective flashing.

How Flashing Works

Chimney flashing is comprised of several pieces of metal that come together and overlap to form a strong barrier against water.

The first layer installed around the chimney is called step flashing, and these L-shaped pieces are integrated with the roof shingles to block the entrance of water at the joints between the chimney and the roof.

Atop the step flashing, your Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technicians will install counter flashing. Counter flashing gets installed into grooves in the mortar joints to ensure that it can properly protect the step flashing (and the chimney system) against water.

This layering makes for a strong, highly effective defense. But if pieces of the flashing corrode or come off, water can make quick work of those lowered defenses, causing damage to your chimney system and, potentially, the inside of your home.

If You See Flashing Damage, Call Us As Soon As Possible

You don’t want to leave a chimney with damaged flashing, because it doesn’t take long for water to cause serious, frustrating damage to your home. If you think there’s been damage to your chimney flashing and live in and around Littleton, CO, call Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney at 303-679-1601, today! Our technicians can make flashing repairs quickly and effectively. We’ll help you choose the right materials for your home, budget and taste, and custom-construct step flashing and counter flashing to perfectly fit with your chimney and roof.


When done by a knowledgeable professional, waterproofing with the right product could mean the end of your chimney leaks!

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