Chimney Leak Repairs

We know the feeling you get when you notice that water is getting into your home through the roof or around the chimney. It’s a terrible feeling of worry and anxiety – wondering how extensive the damage is and what it will cost to fix it. At Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney, our goal is to clear your mind of those worries as quickly as possible, while doing everything we can to get your chimney system safe and dry again efficiently and economically.

One of the most frustrating things about chimney leaks is that it’s hard to pinpoint the location causing the problem. Since a chimney system is complex, made up of many moving and non-moving parts, there are a host of locations that can falter or decay, allowing water in.

Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney technicians have been finding and repairing chimney leaks in the mountains of Colorado for more than 20 years — we know the common culprits and can locate and address them quickly and efficiently.

Common Sources Of Chimney Leaks

It probably won’t surprise you that a lot of the parts in your chimney system that were designed to protect it against water are often the first places where leaks pop up. Extra effort was put into protecting these areas because they are the most vulnerable. But, even when the chimney is professionally built and well-maintained, these parts can fail.

  • Flashing – Your chimney should have flashing installed around the area where it intersects with the roof, because these seams are unfortunately very welcoming to water. Proper flashing provides a great defense, forming a thorough shield around the whole base of the chimney. But the metal that composes flashing can tear, bend or come loose during strong storms, or the caulking around it can loosen or come off. If you have a leak, we’ll thoroughly examine your flashing to make sure it’s intact and watertight. If there’s a problem, we’ll do the proper, custom repairs to have your flashing functioning as it should again.
  • Chimney caps – Is your chimney cap missing or damaged? Since chimney caps go a long way toward protecting your system from water, debris and animals, you most certainly want a properly installed and sized cap on your system.
  • Chimney crown – It’s not uncommon to see cracks in your chimney’s crown, since it is constantly bombarded by sun, rain, snow or sleet. Crown cracks very commonly lead to chimney leaks, inefficiency and other problems. We’ll check your crown for any signs of cracks or spalling (chipping or flaking) – should we locate any trouble areas, we’ll recommend the right repairs to keep your system protected.

Waterproofing: Another Great Defense Against Leaks

Whether or not you already have a leak and/or need repairs, it’s worth thinking about applying a waterproofing sealant to your chimney. The 100-percent vapor-permeable sealant that Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney uses allows the masonry in your chimney to “breathe” as it was designed to, but also protects it against water, markedly extending its service life.

If you’re experiencing a chimney leak, make an appointment with Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney today at 303-679-1601!


A top priority for your home maintenance and safety is to have dryer vents checked and cleaned regularly. The experts at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney are trained to provide this important vent system service, so give us a call and rest easy!

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