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What We Look For In A Chimney Inspection

The CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) is a nationally recognized non-profit that has been training and certifying chimney sweeps for years. Chimney companies all across the country know that holding these certifications gives them a step up in chimney knowledge. And at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney we take pride in maintaining these certifications year after year!

The CSIA strongly recommends scheduling at least one chimney inspection per year. This not only ensures your chimney stays healthy… it also keeps your home and family safer. Give us a call today, and know your fireplace is clean and in great condition with every season that passes you by!

The Inspection Process What We Look For In A Chimney Inspection Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace

First things first, we’ll find out what exactly you need based on your unique situation. When it comes to fireplaces, everyone is different! Some are newer, while some have been in a home for decades. Some have been completely restored, while others have a more traditional look and feel. Whatever the case is, we need to know what type of inspection you’re going to need.

Once we have that figured out, we will proceed with either a level 1, level 2, or level 3 inspection. A level 1 inspection is pretty basic. If your system is well-maintained and no serious changes or issues have occurred recently, then this type of inspection is likely all you’ll need. We’ll make sure everything is still running smoothly and that no new issues have popped up over the course of the last year.

If your chimney or fireplace has seen some renovation, a level 2 inspection will be the best option for you. This inspection is a little more in-depth and will ensure that everything is still functioning normally, despite any changes that have occurred. Also, if you are buying or selling a home, a level 2 inspection will be in order before any final decisions are made.

Lastly, there are level 3 inspections. These are far less common and are typically only required in more extreme circumstances. If special tools are required or certain parts of the chimney need to be removed, then we’ll opt for a level 3 inspection.

We Can Do It All!

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we can perform all three levels of inspections, so you know that you are covered, no matter what. We take pride in what we do, and we really strive to do it all for our customer base.

If you are due for a chimney inspection, there is no time to lose! With our busy fall and winter season soon approaching, you’ll want to get something scheduled as soon as you can. Give us a call anytime to get on the books!

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Why Summer Is Ideal For Chimney Services

Have you considered scheduling your chimney repairs, cleanings, etc. now instead of waiting until fall? We think that you should! Many homeowners put chimney care out of their minds until things cool down again, and this doesn’t always end up working in their favor. We are here to encourage you to give us a call right away, and get this maintenance done sooner rather than later.

Giving Yourself Peace Of MindWhy Summer is Ideal for Chimney Services Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Chimney

One of the biggest benefits to summertime chimney service is the peace of mind you gain knowing everything is good to go when temperatures drop. This is something you can easily cross off of your to-do list early, so that you have less to think about during fall and winter. With kids back in school and the holidays fast approaching, it’s best to get as much done as you can now.

But homeowners aren’t the only busy ones… we get really swamped, too! Fall is our busiest season as everyone rushes to get their inspections and cleanings in before it gets too cold outside. By putting off these services, you add unnecessary stress to an already busy schedule, and you may struggle to find a time that works.

Getting Repairs Done

Another reason to schedule services now is so that we can inspect everything and get any repairs done in a timely manner. We struggle more and more to get repairs done in the fall and winter because our books are already so full. We do our best to get everyone in, but it may not happen as soon as you’d like. Schedule now, so we are sure to get you set up right for the cold months ahead!

Not only will we be able to get these repairs done more quickly, but they will be done in an ideal temperature range for the products we use. Sometimes, working in colder weather means the job simply cannot be done because lots of materials need the opportunity to cure. Let us get the job done now so that you get the lasting results you deserve.

Working On Your Time

When hiring service workers, there are always times of day that are more ideal for the customer. We love being able to come at the time that works best for you! That’s why summer services are always a better option. Putting it off will likely force you to maneuver around already scheduled appointments, thus inconveniencing your entire afternoon.

Help Us Stay Safe

To top it all off, summertime repairs are better because our crew can work in ideal conditions. Trying to get a job done on a slippery and icy roof can often lead to injury, and we want to keep our employees as healthy as possible, so that we can best serve you! Help us out by getting these tough jobs done now.

Call Us Anytime!

You can give us a call anytime during our regular business hours to set up an appointment, or feel free to fill out our online form, and we will get back to you soon! Thanks for choosing us!

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Issues With Damaged Chimney Flashing

Flashing is a vital part of your chimney’s construction. It protects the area where your roof and chimney meet, so that no water enters your home and causes damage. Your ceiling, walls, and more could be left vulnerable if flashing isn’t installed or if it is need of repair. Luckily, the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney is trained and certified to help you out!

How Does Flashing Work?Issues With Damaged Chimney Flashing - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney Inc

First of all, let’s review how flashing works. The area where your roof and chimney meet needs extra protection due to the different materials that are present. The roofing materials and your brickwork expand and contract at different rates, thus creating small openings for water to enter.

Flashing works by sealing this area, while allowing these parts the flexibility they need. It’s typically made from a strong, metal material, and it will be custom fitted to your unique set-up. Then, caulking will be applied to ensure added protection and durability.

Typical Forms Of Damage

There are a few ways your flashing can be damaged. The first is corrosion. As time passes, you may eventually notice rust, holes, and similar types of wear and tear throughout your flashing. This is obviously not a good sign, and it should be addressed as soon as possible. When issues like this occur, water can enter fast, and your home will be left vulnerable. Give us a call and we get your system back to normal in no time!

Another problem comes in the form of loose parts. Bad weather and strong winds can sometimes cause parts of your flashing to detach, leaving you with open pathways for water to enter. Let us take a look at the problem, and we’ll see what we can do to repair any damage.

Bending is also a problem at times. If your flashing comes into contact with heavy items, the metal may bend, which will eventually lead to even more damage down the line. If water gets into the bent area, it will simply sit there until rust and corrosion occur. Also, the flashing itself will be weaker in the bent spot and cracks will eventually form in the affected areas.

What Can We Do?

We will do our best to repair your flashing so it looks and functions as good as new. If repairs cannot be completed, that’s no problem. We can install new flashing so that your home stays protected for years to come! We can also work with you to find the best fit and materials for your home and budget. No matter what, your home will be safer after the job is done!

Learn more by giving us a call. We can answer any questions you may have, then set you up with an appointment. Gain the peace of mind you deserve and get this maintenance done now, so you can rest easy. We looking forward to helping you out soon!

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Liven Up Your Outdoor Living Space With A Fire Pit

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we offer a long list of services and products that will help your home stand strong and stay looking great. Now that temperatures have started to rise, we want to update you on some of our outdoor equipment! If you love throwing outdoor get-togethers with friends and neighbors, then we know you’ll love our large selection of firepits.

Learn more below, then give us a call with any questions. Let’s start your summer off right!

Amping Up Your Outdoor Game

If you are looking to do some entertaining this summer, then a fire pit is a good option for you. Guests will love the ambiance it adds to your outdoor space, and everyone will stay cozy in the night air well after the sun goes down. No matter what type of fire pit you invest in, we are certain you’ll enjoy it all season long!

Adding Some VersatilityOutdoor Firepit Image - LIttleton CO - Mountain Man Chimney

There’s no doubt about it – adding a firepit gives you more options for outdoor fun! Whether you use it to cook food, change up your aesthetic, or warm up your backyard on cool summer nights, we know you’ll get a lot of use out your appliance. Add some more options for your home and family during these warm weather months – get a fire pit installed today!

Making Your Backyard Your Own

The best part about owning a fire pit? You can easily personalize it to your specific tastes. Whether you prefer wood or gas, we have options for you! You can also choose between natural or propane, and we offer a wide range of choices for customizing the look of the fire pit, as well. Choose the materials, the location, and even the shape! Take a glance around our showroom today to find the right pick for you.

And They’re Safe To Use!

If you want to have a fire pit installed, but are worried about the safety of your loved ones, we urge you not to stress! When these units are installed correctly, they are quite safe and easy to use. Depending on the type you buy, fires can be easily controlled, and we can even add extra safety features (such as protective wire mesh) to help ensure that no one gets seriously hurt.

One thing is for sure… when you trust in the reliable and experienced staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, you know that we have your best interests in mind. We offer a wide range of services, so you can easily make us your one-stop shop for any and all of your chimney or fireplace-related needs. Learn more by visiting us online or give us a call today! We can’t wait to make your home great!

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Considering Upgrades For Your Chimney?

Is your chimney overdue for some upgrades and replacement parts? Now is the time to get these jobs done! Whether you are looking for a new top-sealing damper, a replacement chimney cap, new flashing, crown repair, a chase cover, or something else, we can help you out, and springtime is the ideal time of year to get in the books!

We are always excited to help homeowners make their fireplaces and chimneys look great and run strong before the cold weather comes back around. And we want everything personalized to your specific tastes! Learn more about the many benefits of scheduling this maintenance now, then give us a call today to make your appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

More Scheduling FreedomUpgrade Your Fireplace Image - Littleton, CO - Mountain Man Fireplace

Most people put their fireplaces to more frequent use when fall and winter roll around, meaning we stay really busy during these cold months. As people gear up for the holidays and family get-togethers, they want to ensure their appliances are all in the best condition possible and, of course, safe for regular use.

That’s where we come in! We get so many calls for last minutes repairs, inspections, and cleanings that finding time for everyone can be a challenge. That means setting appointments at times that aren’t always ideal for the customer. Yet, if you work with us now, when our schedule is more open, it gives you the freedom to book a time that works best for you.

Ideal Temperature Range

When we do chimney repairs and new installations, we use the best products available. Yet, these materials need the opportunity to properly cure in order to do their job effectively. If temperatures are too hot or too cold, this becomes impossible, and your new products will not likely stand the test of time.

That’s why we always push our customers to schedule this type of maintenance in the spring – so we can do the job as efficiently as possible.

Safer Working Conditions

Without our great staff, we wouldn’t be anywhere! That’s why we ask our loyal customers to help us maintain the safest working conditions possible. If we are doing intricate work on your roof and chimney, we would much prefer to do it in the springtime. This way, we can avoid slippery snow and ice, and our team is at less of a risk for injury.

We appreciate all that our customers do to make our business a success, and we want to serve you the best that we can. Schedule your chimney repairs and upgrades now!


If you have questions or concerns about what we offer we encourage you to visit our website or simply give us a call. Our staff is ready and willing to help you out with whatever you may need, and we have a full list of services that we are CSIA trained and certified to perform. When it comes to your chimney and fireplace care, you can count on us!

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Benefits Of Having A Chimney Cap

Does your chimney need more protection? Here at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we can set you up right! We offer crown repair services, waterproofing products, inspections, sweepings, and a whole lot more! All of these things do a lot for your chimney, but there is one thing we’d really like to focus on today – chimney caps.

Here are some reasons why you should have a chimney cap installed as soon as possible!

Reduce Water Intake

Too much moisture can turn into a big problem when it comes to maintaining the health of your chimney. When your brick absorbs water, you start to see lots of issues arise such as rot, rust, stains, and more! These things all wear on your chimney, leaving you with a big mess and lots of costly repairs ahead of you.

Chimney caps sit overtop your chimney and prevent water from running down the inside of it. Heavy rains won’t be something you have to worry about anytime soon. Invest in one today!

Prevent Animal EntryBenefits of Having a Chimney Cap - Evergreen CO - Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney, Inc.

It’s common knowledge that birds, squirrels, and other woodland critters love to set up camp in chimneys. And we can’t blame them! It’s warm, cozy, and they’re completely surrounded by a strong, durable structure. Unfortunately, their nesting materials can cause blockages and fire hazards, and it puts the animals themselves in a dangerous situation, as well.

Chimney caps prevent animal entry so that there is no risk of something getting in, only to discover there’s not an easy way out. Having one installed will do wonders in keeping your home and family as safe as possible.

Minimize Chances Of Fire

Chimney caps are known to go by a different name, spark arrestors, from time to time. That’s right, these metal devices can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your roof protected. When stray flames, sparks, or embers make their way up your chimney, your chimney cap will put them out before your roof potentially catches fire.

Do The Right Thing – Work With Us Today!

Chimney caps are a necessary component for allowing your fireplace to function as efficiently as possible. In fact, the Underwriters Laboratory requires that a chimney cap is installed in order for a chimney lining system to meet their highly reputable list of standards.

Whether you need a new chimney cap installed, your old chimney cap replaced, or you simply need a few repairs done on your current one, the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney cap help! No matter what type, size, or material you’re chimney is, we have the right products for you!

We are trained and certified to meet all your chimney and fireplace needs. Give us a call today!

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What Causes Chimney Odors?

Are you facing issues with bad smells coming from your fireplace? You are not alone! It’s common for homeowners to face chimney odors from time to time (especially as temps start to rise), so don’t think that something is wrong with your chimney or with the way you maintain it.

What Causes Chimney Odors Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & ChimneyThere are a few main things that can cause bad odors to seep out of your fireplace. Knowing what these are and how to prevent them, will help you stay prepared year after year, so your home doesn’t stink whenever spring rolls around. Learn more below!

Negative Air Pressure

When the months are cold, the heat from your home and fireplace rises up through your chimney and escapes outside. This is how fireplaces are meant to function – any smoke, gases, and toxins make their way out and take any nasty smells with them. This leaves your home feeling fresh and keeps your family safe from inhaling any potentially harmful fumes.

Yet, in the summer time, the air outside is warmer than your home. This causes the airflow to reverse sending gusts of smelly air into your living room. You can try opening a window to help balance the pressure throughout your home – some find that this works great! Otherwise, a strong damper with a tight seal will be your best bet for keeping these unpleasant odors outside where they belong.

Creosote Build-Up

Another problem that can cause excessive odors is creosote build-up. The CSIA stresses the importance of annual inspections and cleanings and this is part of the reason why! Creosote has a distinct odor and, the more of it you have, the worse the smell is going to be – it’s as simple as that.

By scheduling a cleaning, you will help your home stay fresher. And this doesn’t just help with bad smells… it keeps your home safer, as well! Creosote is very flammable, so higher amounts of it increase your chances of chimney fires. Schedule your next cleaning today, so you can rest easy knowing your fireplace is in great condition every time you go to use it.

Birds & Other Animals

If the smell isn’t coming from the chimney itself, it could very well be caused by animals. Birds and other critters often enter the chimney, looking for a cozy spot to rest, then can’t manage to find their way back out. They leave droppings, which stink up the place, and if they can’t get out, they eventually pass away. Then, things really get bad!

Prevent animal entry by having a chimney cap installed. Chimney caps are great for keeping countless creatures at bay, and they keep your chimney dry and free from debris, as well! It’s a smart and cost-effective investment for any home – purchase one today!

If you need help with chimney odors, hire Mountain Man Fireplace and Chimney to inspect your system. We can track the issue and resolve it, so your home will be back to smelling great in no time!

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How Water Impacts Your Chimney

Spring is here! We are all excited about sunny days and warm weather, but we may have to prepare for some rainy days before we get there. Springtime brings about lots of moisture, so don’t forget to prepare your chimney for storms and wet weather. Getting things patched up and protected ahead of time will save you a lot of stress down then line! Call on our experts today.

How Water Impacts Your Chimney Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & ChimneyDamaging Effects of Water

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that bricks are actually quite absorbent. Chimneys are known for being strong, hard, and sturdy, so it’s hard to imagine that a little bad weather will wear it down. Unfortunately, too much exposure to moisture can cause lots of issues! Check out just some of these by reading below.

  • Freeze/Thaw Effect: We are no stranger to cold winters. When your brickwork soaks in water throughout spring, this liquid ends up freezing and expanding when temperatures drop later in the year. When it expands, so does your brick! It thaws back out in the warm months, causing your chimney to settle. All of that wear and tear puts a lot of excess pressure on your system, as a whole!
  • Rust: There are a lot of metal components to your chimney. When these parts are exposed to water time and time again, they begin to rust and break down. This only allows more water to seep in, making your problems even worse! Prevent rust by investing in leak repair and waterproofing services right away.
  • Mortar Deterioration: When your mortar starts to crack and flake, this is a clear cut sign that you need some professional help – and fast! At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we offer tuckpointing services, so that your mortar will look like new again in no time. We make this complicated process look easy with our precision and dedication to customer satisfaction. Give us a call to learn more!
  • Stains: Water problems can cause issues with your chimney’s appearance, as well! Water stains will pop up throughout your brickwork and can even work their way to your interior walls and ceiling – not good! Keep your home, fireplace, and brickwork looking clean and strong by stopping moisture issues in their tracks. It’s a step you won’t regret!

These issues, plus rot, decay, clogs, mold accumulation, and more are all problems you will have to face if you don’t take care of water problems right away. Don’t hesitate any longer – contact our staff now!


Once any necessary repairs are completed, ask us about our waterproofing services! Waterproofing is a great step to take and it will make a huge difference in preventing further issues from occurring down the line. Our products provide tough protection, while allowing your chimney the opportunity to properly breathe and vent out vapors. Learn more by visiting our website!

For more information, give us a call – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Schedule Your Chimney Repairs Soon

Is chimney maintenance on your spring cleaning to-do list? If not, be sure to add it now! There are countless benefits to scheduling your chimney inspections and repairs early in the season. In addition, you will be happy to have everything done once winter rolls around again.

Schedule Your Chimney Repairs Soon Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & ChimneyLearn more about why now is the time to call, then browse our website for an extensive look into the many services we can offer you. At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Ensure Your Repairs Last

Nothing is more frustrating than paying for a repair service, only to have things break down again a short time later. By calling in repairs during the warmer weather months, you help ensure your repairs stand the test of time. You see, when it comes to chimney care, temperatures need to be within a certain range for most of the repair materials to properly cure. Once it gets cold, repairs become a challenge. Consequently, the likelihood of them lasting minimizes dramatically.

Lucky for you, the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney is CSIA trained and certified in a wide range of repair services! We can repair dampers, replace chase covers, install chimney caps, address leaks, patch up masonry, and lots more. Call us now to schedule your chimney maintenance, and we will be happy to get you in the books!

Making Things Convenient

We always strive to make every experience as convenient as possible for the customers we work with. This is another reason why calling sooner, rather than later, helps us make your chimney experience as top-notch as possible! Once fall and winter get here, our books fill up fast. Homeowners all throughout the area want to ensure their chimney is inspected and cleaned before the holidays arrive, so we stay super busy!

Unfortunately, this makes scheduling chimney repairs a bit of a struggle. Repairs can take up some time and, if things don’t go as planned, scheduling extra days and time slots can be quite challenging! By getting things patched up ahead of time, you guarantee your fireplace will be ready to go when the cold weather arrives.

On top of all that, calling now means getting the timeslot that works best for your schedule! If you know a certain time of day is ideal, we want to work with you during that time. Get your name in right away, so you never have to worry about working around someone else’s schedule again.

Keeping Us Safe

The last thing we want to note is how much we appreciate our customers. When you schedule your repairs during nice weather, it helps keep our staff safer up on your roof. It is much more ideal to work in the sunshine, rather than battle an icy roof in windy weather. Book your repairs now, so that we can do the best job possible!

Ready to get things fixed up? Call us today!

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Start Prepping Your Firewood For Fall

Do you own a wood-burning fireplace? Guarantee yourself the best fuel around by seasoning your own wood! This process may seem a bit daunting at first, but, when executed correctly, you can easily have a large pile of ready-to-use fuel this upcoming fall and winter, at no extra charge to you. That’s a deal you can’t beat!

Start Prepping Your Firewood For Fall Image - Littleton CO - Mountain Man Fireplace & ChimneyIf you are ready to start storing wood, the time to start is now. Wood can take anywhere from 6 months to a couple years to fully season (depending on the type), so the earlier you get things going, the better! Also, you never want to use wood that is unseasoned in your fireplace. This forces your fire to burn through a lot of extra moisture, taking up energy and causing creosote to accumulate more rapidly.

Follow these guidelines to get the best fuel possible!

Proper Stacking

When you are picking a spot for your wood pile, find an open area that gets a lot of sun. You will also want to keep the pile off the ground, so be sure there is a stable platform to get things started on. When you leave the pieces in the dirt, you invite mold and rot, both of which will greatly hinder the integrity of your firewood.

Once you start piling up pieces, be sure you stack loosely. If you line your pieces together too tightly, they will not get the opportunity to properly dry out. Each log needs as much access to the sunshine and warm winds as possible! Both of these play a big role in getting rid of all that excess moisture.

Other Tips

While proper stacking is the most vital step in properly seasoning your wood, there are other steps you can take to help the process go smoothly. Check them out!

  • Cover the pile to keep rain off. You can place a tarp over your wood to help fend off bad weather, but leave the sides open. While protecting against rain and harsh winds is a good idea, you don’t want to cut off too much ventilation.
  • Cut your pieces to different sizes. Different sizes are more ideal as starting and maintaining fires requires all different shapes and lengths of wood. For example, smaller pieces are used when first getting a flame going, while bigger pieces are placed on afterwards.
  • Measure your firebox. There would be nothing more frustrating than seasoning a bunch of wood, only to find out it is all too big for your fireplace. Do some measuring beforehand to save yourself the extra stress and hassle.

How Do I Know It’s Ready?

Well-seasoned wood all follows a certain set of guidelines. If you are looking for seasoned wood, note these characteristics:

  • Light-weight
  • Shorter length
  • Split/dark ends
  • Hollow sound when hit together
  • Easy to light

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we can help you prepare your fireplace for any season! Give us a call today to set up your next inspection or cleaning, or browse our website to view our long list of repair services. We can make your fireplace great!

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