Benefits Of Having A Chimney Cap

Does your chimney need more protection? Here at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we can set you up right! We offer crown repair services, waterproofing products, inspections, sweepings, and a whole lot more! All of these things do a lot for your chimney, but there is one thing we’d really like to focus on today – chimney caps.

Here are some reasons why you should have a chimney cap installed as soon as possible!

Reduce Water Intake

Too much moisture can turn into a big problem when it comes to maintaining the health of your chimney. When your brick absorbs water, you start to see lots of issues arise such as rot, rust, stains, and more! These things all wear on your chimney, leaving you with a big mess and lots of costly repairs ahead of you.

Chimney caps sit overtop your chimney and prevent water from running down the inside of it. Heavy rains won’t be something you have to worry about anytime soon. Invest in one today!

Prevent Animal Entry

It’s common knowledge that birds, squirrels, and other woodland critters love to set up camp in chimneys. And we can’t blame them! It’s warm, cozy, and they’re completely surrounded by a strong, durable structure. Unfortunately, their nesting materials can cause blockages and fire hazards, and it puts the animals themselves in a dangerous situation, as well.

Chimney caps prevent animal entry so that there is no risk of something getting in, only to discover there’s not an easy way out. Having one installed will do wonders in keeping your home and family as safe as possible.

Minimize Chances Of Fire

Chimney caps are known to go by a different name, spark arrestors, from time to time. That’s right, these metal devices can make a big difference when it comes to keeping your roof protected. When stray flames, sparks, or embers make their way up your chimney, your chimney cap will put them out before your roof potentially catches fire.

Do The Right Thing – Work With Us Today!

Chimney caps are a necessary component for allowing your fireplace to function as efficiently as possible. In fact, the Underwriters Laboratory requires that a chimney cap is installed in order for a chimney lining system to meet their highly reputable list of standards.

Whether you need a new chimney cap installed, your old chimney cap replaced, or you simply need a few repairs done on your current one, the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney cap help! No matter what type, size, or material you’re chimney is, we have the right products for you!

We are trained and certified to meet all your chimney and fireplace needs. Give us a call today!