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Prevent Cold Drafts From Coming Down Your Chimney

There’s no denying that cozying up to a warm fire is the best way to spend cold evenings. It’s an easy and effective way to warm up your living space, and it’s a great way to bring loved ones together night after night. Unfortunately, once that fire is out, it’s all too easy for the cold winds of winter to swoop down your chimney and enter your home. The last thing any homeowner wants is a freezing house, and those downdrafts can bring in some pretty unpleasant odors with them, too!

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we’re here to help you out. We have the tools and expertise necessary for stopping downdrafts in their tracks, so they won’t be an issue for you or your family members any longer. Learn more below, then count on us to handle your regular chimney maintenance year after year!

Have A Chimney Cap Installed

One surefire way to stop downdrafts from occurring is to have a chimney cap installed. If you’re missing a chimney cap or if your current one is broken down, cracked, or rusted, then it’s time to call in our CSIA certified staff! Chimney caps seal the top of your flue, so that harsh winds and bad weather can’t enter your chimney and lower the temperature in your home.

Chimney caps are also great for keeping out excess moisture, blocking sparks and embers from landing on your roof, and keeping out pesky animals and debris. There’s no reason not to have one installed right away – and they’re extremely affordable, too! You’ll save yourself tons of stress, time, and money down the line… trust us when we say, chimney caps are a more than worthwhile investment!

Reline Your Chimney

Another issue that causes drafting problems is an improperly lined chimney. Chimney liners play a vital role in helping your system function efficiently, and they protect your interior parts from fire damage and excess heat, too! If your chimney is not properly lined, you’ll need to have it professionally relined as soon as possible to avoid expensive and potentially dangerous issues down the line. And once the job is done, downdrafts will be a thing of the past!

Schedule An Inspection

If you’ve tried time and time again to figure out your drafting issues, but can’t seem to find a solution, call us in for an inspection. From cracks to holes to problems with the damper, any number of things could be causing your system to malfunction, and we want to help you fix whatever problems are present. When you work with our expert team, you can trust that we’ve got your back, no matter what! Give us a call today!

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Improve Fireplace Safety & Efficiency With A Sweeping

Are you ready to ensure your fireplace performs to the highest standards this winter? Schedule a sweeping with the expert team at Mountain Main Fireplace & Chimney! Our CSIA certified staff is ready to help you out soon and, with temperatures dropping more and more with every passing week, you need to make certain you’re ready for anything. Give our qualified team a call today!

Removing Creosote

One of the most important aspects of sweeping a chimney is the removal of excess creosote. Creosote is one thing you don’t want a lot of in your chimney! As you burn fires, more and more builds up, until your fireplace is no longer safe for regular use. It’s best to clean this substance out on a regular basis, so that everything functions as smoothly and as safely as possible all year round.

Why is it so dangerous? Well, creosote is very flammable and, when it catches fire, you’re looking at some pretty serious damages to your chimney’s interior. Chimney fires melt mortar, crack brickwork, and weaken your structure considerably, leaving you with a poor-functioning fireplace and some expensive repair costs.

Chimney fires also put your home and loved ones in danger. Every time you light a fire after a chimney fire has occurred, you leave your home vulnerable to stray flames that now have multiple pathways to escape the chimney and catch adjacent woodwork on fire. Along with this, toxins and fumes that normally exit through the top of the chimney are now able to enter your home, thus affecting the wellbeing of those living in it.

Removing Blockages

Another important part of a chimney sweeping is the removal of any blockages that may be hindering air flow. Dirt, debris, animals, and nesting materials are all things that can clog things up, and they need to be removed on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning. We will inspect your system and ascertain whether or not there are issues that may cause problems for you when lighting a fire.

Failing to remove obstructions will result in smoke and toxins backing up into your home, which is less than ideal and can trigger health issues. Call us in right away, so we can get you ready for the colder months ahead!

Checking For Repairs

We will also look around to make sure there are no cracks, holes, or other issues with your masonry that may cause problems down the line. Fireplaces make a great asset to any home, but when things are not functioning as they should, you’re left with a lot of extra stress. As you bring in this new year, let us help you out by creating one less thing to worry about. Schedule your annual sweeping with us today!

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Common Issues Found During Chimney Inspections

If there’s one thing we stress (especially this time of year), it’s that chimney inspections are vital for maintaining good chimney health. When you skimp on this regular maintenance, your system faces a lot more wear and tear, and it will break down at a faster pace, shortening the lifespan of your fireplace. Eventually, you’ll either have to say goodbye to cozy nights by the fire or invest in costly repairs and reconstruction jobs. Neither sound like a great option!

Scheduling annual inspections is definitely the way to go. You’ll save yourself time and money, and you’ll keep any extra stress far away, too! Take the easy route this holiday season, and hire Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney for all of your chimney, venting, and fireplace needs. We can help you out!

Excess Creosote

So, what do we usually come across in our inspection? It’s fair to wonder what issues you are avoiding by calling us in, and we love to keep homeowners up-to-date and educated on the chimney sweep world! One thing we check for is excess creosote. Creosote is one of the most harmful substances your chimney can come across and it’s known for its flammable nature. That means, the more you have of it, the higher your risk is for a chimney fire!

Chimney fires can wear down your chimney fast and lead to bigger issues, such as gas leaks and house fires. The worst part is that many go unnoticed by the homeowner! It may seem hard to believe, but a chimney fire can be very quiet and sneaky, and many continue using their fireplace long after one has occurred. Since stray flames and fumes can easily escape through cracks and holes that form after a fire, this is highly dangerous!

When we inspect your chimney, we’ll check for it all. If there’s creosote, we will take the appropriate steps to remove with the best tools and products available. And if we notice signs of a chimney fire, we can get things taken care of in no time! Our CSIA certified staff will get your fireplace back in working order, so that you can put it to use throughout the cold months ahead. Count on us today!

Necessary Repairs

Repairs are another issue we spot from time to time. If your brickwork or mortar is crumbling, we will fix it up, so that it looks and functions great again! We can also repair or replace any parts that seem to be out of order. This includes chimney caps, chase covers, dampers, and more! We’ll get you taken care of, no matter what !

Blockages & More

We can also take care of any blockages, that may be inhibiting airflow, and we’ll check your liner for any cracks, too. On top of that, we’ll make sure your crown is in top-notch condition! Once we’re through, all of your chimney issues will be resolved, and your fireplace will function better than ever this holiday season (and for many more winters to come)!

Don’t put it off any longer… let us make your home safer this holiday season! Call now!

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Common Fire-Building Techniques

If you own a fireplace but find yourself struggling when trying to build a fire in it, then you definitely aren’t alone. Fire-building can be a tricky and intricate process, but, once you get it down, you’ll be good to go anytime you need to light things up! Learn about a few of the more common fire-building techniques below, so that you’re ready to go this holiday season. At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we’ve got your back!

Three Common Methods

Now, there are more than a few methods out there when it comes to building a solid fire. From the log cabin to the platform to the start method, you’ve definitely got your fair share of options! Today, we’re going to focus on three popular methods that people have been standing by for years: the top-down method, the tee-pee, and the lean-to. Let’s get started.

  • The Top-Down Method: This fire-building technique has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and people everywhere have been claiming it as a surefire to get a fire going, no matter what. You start with your bigger logs on the bottom, with the ends facing the front and back of the fireplace. Next, add 4 or 5 more rows of logs, using smaller and smaller pieces as you go higher. After that, you’ll add your kindling, followed by the smallest shavings of wood you have. All that’s left to do then is the light the top, and you are good to go! No more adding wood all night long – light it and you’re done!
  • The Tee-Pee: The tee-pee method takes on a more classic approach to fire-building. You start with your tinder. Place it in the middle of your firebox, then form a tee-pee around it with some kindling. Continue to add kindling, followed by larger sticks, all while keeping the tee-pee shape. Next, form a bigger tee-pee around your structure with larger logs. Lastly, light the tinder and let the flames take everything over. Eventually, the logs will fall, and you can continue adding wood to fuel your fire.
  • The Lean-To: Find a long stick, then insert it into the ground at an approximately 30-degree angle. Put a tinder pile under this stick, then surround it will small pieces of kindling. Next, prop up some kindling against the main stick, then add another layer on top of this, using larger pieces as you go. Light your tinder pile, then continue adding logs as your fire burns.

Using The Right Wood

Always remember – using unseasoned wood will result in creosote accumulation, smoky fireplaces, and less heat. You’ll need to invest in extra maintenance, and you simply won’t get the results you’re looking for. Seasoned wood will be dark and split at the ends, shorter in length, lightweight, and it will sound hollow when two pieces are hit together.

Let Us Help You Out This Holiday Season

Holiday festivities are upon us, so you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for anything! Call us in for an inspection today. Our CSIA certified staff will set you up right!

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Types Of Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are tough structures and last for decades, which is why families love having them in their home! But that doesn’t mean they don’t need care and regular maintenance from time to time…

Despite being highly durable, sometimes repairs are simply inevitable. If you suspect there are issues with your chimney, or if you’re due for your annual inspection, give the CSIA certified staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney a call today! We are qualified to address any issues with your chimney, and you’ll be happy you patched things up sooner, rather than later. Learn more below.

Broken Down Brickwork

Bricks are made from some tough materials, but that doesn’t mean they can withstand anything. Weather, neglect, and years of wear and tear can take its toll on your brickwork, and sometimes tune-ups are necessary. Invest in our tuckpointing services right away! We will take care of any cracks, holes, and worn down brick, so that you can get back to enjoying your fireplace to the fullest.

Leaks & Water Damage

Leaks are another common issue in chimney systems. Heavy rains and snowfall are inevitable, and your brickwork faces the brunt of any bad weather. Tons of moisture gets soaked into the chimney, and it triggers a lot of issues such as clogs, deterioration, rust, rot, stains, and more. Along with this the freeze-thaw process will occur, which puts a lot of extra pressure on your system as a whole.

Addressing water damage as soon as possible will benefit you greatly in the long run. A weakened structure only leads to more issues down the line, and any unresolved problems will only get worse and worse. You could eventually face a settlement or collapse and, in the meantime, your chimney will not function nearly as efficiently as it could. Not to mention, using a damaged chimney puts your home and loved ones at risk, as it increases the likelihood of fires and can causes toxins to back up into your home.

Talk to us today about what we can do to resolve any issues associated with a leaky chimney. Then, ask about our waterproofing services! We have high quality products that will seal your brickwork, protecting it from bad weather while allowing it the ability to breath out necessary vapors. It’s an investment worth making – call today to learn more !

Caps, Covers, & Dampers

What would a chimney be without proper working parts? Your chimney needs to stay protected from outside elements and vent properly to enhance its overall functioning. That’s why we can repair and/or replace various parts of your chimney, as needed. Keep animals out and warm air in this winter by working with our expert team today.

There’s no time to waste… the holidays are coming quick, so set up your appointment with us now. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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Preventing Carbon Monoxide In Your Home

There are a lot of things to worry about as a homeowner… that’s why we are here to help you stay educated on the important topics! We want to make it easy to keep your home protected and safer to live in all year long, which is why we’d like to focus on carbon monoxide and how to avoid exposure to it. Learn more about this hazardous gas below, then review our tips for properly avoiding it.

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide is known for it’s undetectable nature and harmful medical side effects. It has no color and no odor, which makes it nearly impossible to notice within your home. This is a major reason why this particular gas is so scary! Unfortunately, it can cause some serious illnesses to occur and could even be fatal if not addressed right away. Take all of the necessary precautions to ensure your home stays carbon monoxide free, no matter what.

How Can I Avoid It?

Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure your loved ones don’t become victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. First off, have carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the residence. This a surefire way to know whether or not carbon monoxide has found its way into your home. Be sure to regularly test these devices and change the batteries twice a year to ensure they are always working properly.

Next, have a certified technician inspect your appliances at least once per year. This is the best way to prevent bigger issues from occurring down the line, and these professionals can let you know of any potential leaks or airflow issues that could bring about exposure to harmful toxins.

And remember… never light camp stoves, grills, or similar items inside of your home, and never use a fireplace or stove that isn’t hooked up to a proper ventilation system. Always have a professional install any new appliance in your home to ensure no potentially harmful problems occur. Also, never let your vehicle run while parked in your garage, as these fumes can lead to serious illness or death.

We Can Help You Out

Whether you need help with inspections, installations, repairs, or other regular maintenance, the CSIA certified staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney is here to help you out. Call us today, so that we can make your home safer for years to come!

If you are aware of carbon monoxide in your home, exit the premises at once and call 911. Proper authorities can then address the issue, while you and loved ones are safely away from danger. If you suspect anyone has symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea, or lightheadedness, let medical personnel know right away.

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What Causes Chimney Leaks?

If you’re noticing excess water in and throughout your chimney system, then it’s time to call in an expert (and fast)! Water damage can lead to a lot of costly and hazardous damages down the line, so the sooner you can schedule repairs, the better off you will be. Excess moisture leads to rust, rot, stains, clogs, and a whole lot more. And if things get too bad, you may face a chimney settlement or collapse. Call on us now to avoid further damage!

There are a few main reasons why you may be facing leaks… Let’s review the most likely causes, then we’ll tell you how we can help you out. When you depend on Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back!

No Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is essential for keeping water out of your chimney and for keeping your brickwork, mortar, and inner lining protected. Chimney caps provide a covering for your chimney or flue, so that you won’t have to worry about water (or any other debris) entering anytime soon. Along with this, chimney caps are great for keeping animals out and they also help prevent sparks from escaping onto your roof. All in all, they are a great and affordable way to promote a healthy and strong chimney system.

No matter your chimney type, the staff at Mountain Man Chimney & Fireplace can get a chimney cap installed for you. We have various options for your unique needs and preferences. Give us a call today to learn more!

Cracks In Your Brickwork/Crown

Another common issue chimney owners will face is holes and cracking throughout the structure. Bad weather, wear and tear, and neglect are just a few of many reasons why your brickwork or crown may be crumbling. Trust in us to patch things up and get your system looking and running like new again! Whether it’s tuckpointing or crown repair, we have got you covered.

And once you’re fixed up, invest our waterproofing services to ensure your home and chimney get the protection they deserve. Leaks won’t be a problem again!

Rusted/Broken Flashing

If your crown, cap, and brickwork all look fine, the there is likely a problem with your flashing. The flashing in your chimney system is what seals the area where the roof and chimney meet. The two different materials in place expand and contract at different rates, leaving a gap for water to enter – that’s why flashing is so important! Unfortunately, it can get misaligned, rusted, or torn. Count on us to repair or replace any damage that is present. We’ve got you covered, no matter what!

Our CSIA certified staff has been serving the area for 15 years and counting. Turn to us now – you won’t regret it!

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Ready To Light Your First Fire? Have Your Chimney Inspected First

It’s getting colder, leaves are falling, and homeowners everywhere are anxious to get their fireplaces going. We totally get it! Fireplaces add the perfect ambiance to the fall and winter months, and they make holiday parties more festive than ever. It’s no wonder so many homebuyers look for them in potential future homes!

We hope that all of our customers enjoy their fireplace to fullest throughout the months ahead and create lasting memories with loved ones at they gather around their hearth.

But before you gather that firewood, we want to remind you to invest in an inspection done by a certified professional. This is an important step in keeping your chimney strong and your family safe. Avoid any hiccups or hazardous situations this winter by giving the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney a call today!

Do You Need Repairs?

One major reason why inspections are necessary is to check for necessary repairs. If your system is facing cracks, holes, or other malfunctions it will leave you in a big mess this upcoming holiday season. On top of that, these damages leave the door open for gases and other toxins to escape into your home.

When it comes right down to it, putting off repairs will only lead to more damage and more expenses down the line. You’ll end up paying more in energy bills (due to a lack of efficiency and heat output) and the cost of fixing any structural damage will only increase as things get worse. Invest in us now, and let us set up you right!

What About A Cleaning?

Another reason why inspections are necessary is to determine whether or not you need a cleaning. Going without regular cleanings leads to creosote accumulation, which puts your home and family at risk for fires. Creosote is very flammable, which is why it needs to be cleared up before it can trigger lots of damage to your home and chimney.

There are many reasons why creosote may be accumulating at an increased rate, and we can help you minimize this build up. Whether your airflow is restricted, you’re not using the right type of fuel, or something else, we are certain we can resolve the issue and help you run your fireplace safer and more efficiently.

Why Call Now?

If you’re ready to take the next step and invest in better care for your appliance, we encourage you to give us a call now! Why so soon? Well, our busy fall season is starting to take off, so the earlier we get you in, the better! If your system is in need of large repairs, we’ll need to schedule further appointments and, as our books fill up, it may be harder to find a spot that’s convenient for you.

Call now, so that you’re all set when the temperatures drop!

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Home Fireplace Options

Fireplaces are known for enhancing the aesthetic of any living space. Nothing quite beats a quiet evening cozied up in front of a warm fire, especially once outdoor temperatures drop. And they always set the perfect mood for any holiday gathering. Not to mention, homes with fireplaces tend to be greatly desired by potential future buyers. Many say they would be willing to pay more money for a home with a fireplace installed!

If you’re looking to add or upgrade a fireplace, the staff at Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney can help you out! But first, you need to know what type of fireplace you want to purchase. Let’s review the more common options below.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood-burning options are an obvious choice and are what most people think of when they hear the word fireplace. These types of are fueled with actual wood logs that you need to light up your yourself. Learning how to build a fire takes some practice, but nothing quite beats the atmosphere offered by this more traditional fireplace style.

The downside of wood-burning options are that they take some work. Between hauling fuel, lighting fires, scooping out ash, and maintaining the fire while it’s lit, you’ll definitely have your hands full! Many enjoy this extra work, but if you have a busy lifestyle wood-fueled options may not be the best fit for you.

Gas-Fueled Fireplaces

For those who are constantly on-the-go, gas-fueled fireplaces are great. All is takes is a flip of a switch and you’ve got yourself a fire! When you’re ready to leave or go to bed, just flip the switch again, and you are good to go. It’s easy and still offers the unbeatable appeal that fireplaces add to any home or living space.

To top it all off, there’s no clean-up involved. Just invest in your annual inspection every year, and your system will stand strong for years to come. You couldn’t ask for anything easier!

Factory Built or Masonry?

You’ll also have to decide if you want your system built into your home (masonry) or factory built. Masonry options are sturdy, durable, and are known for looking great in a home. That being said it’s a process that takes time and will end up costing you a lot more than the factory built options.

Factory built fireplaces are lighter in weight and much more cost effective. Since they are built without a footing needed, they can be installed in more places throughout your house than masonry options. Many prefer this type due to their flexibility, inexpensive cost, and faster installation time. Both are great choices, so discuss your needs with our technicians, and we’ll find the best option for you!

For more information, give us call. At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we are here for you!

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Make The Right Choice – Hire Certified Chimney Technicians

Are you ready to schedule your regular chimney maintenance? Whether you need repairs, a good cleaning, or just a standard inspection, it’s important to hire a company you can trust. Unfortunately, scams are all too common in this industry. We strongly advise you to hire a company that has a solid reputation, with certifications to back up any of the services they offer.

At Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney, we are CSIA, NFI, and FIRE certified! On top of that, we have 15 years of experience serving satisfied customers all throughout this area. Learn more about these organizations below. Questions? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you!


The CSIA is widely acknowledged across the country and holds the standard for chimney care. This non-profit organization strives to educate sweeps and homeowners on a national basis, and they have successfully increased fireplace safety awareness since their establishment in 1983. If a chimney company is striving to be the best, you can bet that they are CSIA trained and certified!

The great part about the CSIA is that they require their sweeps to renew their certifications every few years. In an industry where new techniques and regulations are constantly introduced, renewing your education on a regular basis is extremely important! When you hire a CSIA certified sweep, you can rest easy that they know what they’re doing no matter what.


The NFI is another organization that strives to increase the safety of homeowners all throughout the nation. Like the CSIA, sweeps are educated on the safest techniques and practices to use, and they must renew their credentials every three years. They provide extensive knowledge so that sweeps everywhere can provide the best service possible. When you hire a NFI certified sweep, you are in good hands!


When it comes to delivering a top-notch inspection, you can count on the FIRE to provide you with the knowledge and detail you’re looking for. This organization also focuses on installation services, as well as investigating the root of any potential issue a homeowner’s fireplace may be experiencing. The schooling they provide is specifically designed and developed to make sweeps the best that they can be when providing your regular chimney maintenance.

We’ve Got Them All!

As we stated before, Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney staffs sweeps that are trained and certified in not one, but all three of these highly esteemed organizations. When it comes to being as dedicated as possible, you can tell that we don’t skimp! Turn to us and get the high-quality care you deserve – we’re waiting for your call!

For more information on our long list of services, please browse our website today. We are certain that we can provide you with everything you’re looking for!

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